Our Mission

Far from being a repository of only Stonehill College records and artifacts, the College Archives is home to numerous historical collections. From potato scoops and dandelion spades, to eighteenth century earthenware and ceramics, letters from Presidents Truman and Eisenhower, a pair of Steven Tyler’s shoes, and hundreds of thousands of photos capturing over 70 years of life in Southeastern Massachusetts, our collections create a mosaic of the past. This dedication to safeguarding diverse and unique histories is reflected clearly in our mission statement, as we seek to preserve “collections which document the history of Stonehill, Southeastern Massachusetts and/or support the mission of the College.” In short, the very essence of the College Archives is a devotion to making history accessible and relatable to members of the Stonehill, Massachusetts, and global communities.

Commitment to Learning and Career Outcomes

Experiential learning is another important part of the College Archives’ mission, as it provides work-study, internship, and volunteer opportunities. While preference is given to Stonehill students, we have also welcomed graduate interns from Simmons College, as well as Stonehill alums and members of local communities as volunteers. Given the diversity of our collections, there are various avenues of research to explore and plenty of opportunities to develop unique internships. Students majoring or minoring in  anthropology, English, fine arts, graphic design, history, political science, or sociology will find experiential learning opportunities in the archives academically and professionally enriching.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

Constantly engaged in interdepartmental collaboration, the College Archives and its staff are able to provide access to information and offer specialized skill sets that enhance the outcomes of the College’s administrative tasks and projects. Archives staff assists in various capacities with events such Reunion, the President’s Dinner, New Employee Orientation, Alumni Weekend, and Family Weekend, as well as affording regular support to the College’s Communications and Media Relations Department.

For more information contact the Director of Archives and Historical Collections, Nicole Casper at ncasper@stonehill.edu or 508.565.1121.

Martin Institute – 2nd floor, room 208

The Archives and Historical Collections Department hosts collections that document the history of Stonehill, Southeastern Massachusetts, and/or support the mission of the College.