The Stonehill College Archives and Historical Collections offers entry level and advanced internships. These are campus-based internships focused on training students in archival management and best practices, collections management, museum studies, and public history. Interns conduct hands-on work with one or more of the Stonehill College Archives' collections. All first-time interns begin with our entry level internship, which focuses on collection processing. Returning interns who have completed at least one semester as entry level interns may work with Archives staff on developing an advanced internship.

General Information

Stonehill College Archives staff possess a total of 25 years of experience designing, implementing, and managing internships in higher education. Our focus is not only on the theoretical and practical sides of the subject matter, but also preparing students for entering the workforce. This means a heightened focus on workplace etiquette, like dress code and punctuality, as well as transferable skills such as  interpersonal communication, research, and data, project, and time management. In short, we treat for-credit and non-credit internships like a job.

Internships are traditionally offered in the fall and spring semesters. Archives staff will consider summer internships on a first-come, first-serve basis, and these may be limited based on staff availability. Interns must work a minimum of eight (8) hours per week; however, this may change if a student is completing the internship for academic credit. 

Students apply at the start of each semester for internships offered that same semester. For example, to apply for a Fall internship, students should submit their application materials by the end of the second week of classes of the Spring semester previous. Staff review applications in the order they are received and will email applicants to schedule in-person interviews. The in-person interviews typically last 30-45 minutes and once the in-person interview is complete a staff member contacts students to inform them if they received the internship.

Students who are accepted to the internship then work with Archives staff to develop a set weekly schedule. An interns hours must fall during the Archives' normal operating hours. Weekend and evening hours are not available. If an intern misses any of their scheduled hours they are expected to work with Archives staff to schedule make-up hours during normal operating hours

Entry Level Internship

All interns begin with our entry level internship, regardless of class year or previous archival, library, and/or museum experience. Based around our ongoing work to process the Stanley A. Bauman Photograph Collection, Stonehill College Archives staff work with entry level interns on developing a strong foundation in archival standards, collections processing, historical research, and paleography.  As is the case with any archive or museum, certain standards and procedures are tailored to meet the needs of our collections, which is why all students begin with our entry level internship.

Advanced Internships

Once a student has completed at least one semester working as an entry level intern they may work with Archives staff on developing an advanced internship. Typically this entails identifying a skill set the student would like to develop or hone, as well as choosing a collection they would like to work with.

Martin Institute – 2nd floor, room 208

The Archives and Historical Collections Department hosts collections that document the history of Stonehill, Southeastern Massachusetts, and/or support the mission of the College.