Stonehill College’s Student Government Association (SGA) recently announced the results of its 2022–2023 Executive Board election. 

“Congratulations to all the newly elected executive board members. I am proud of these students for stepping up and taking advantage of this great leadership opportunity. My advice to them: always stay true to yourself and others while making tough decisions that will impact the student body; maintain transparency through it all; and attack the day by pushing past whatever obstacles might be in your way,” said Tahj Valentine ’22, outgoing SGA executive president.  

Meet the seven students who will help lead the student body through the 2022–2023 academic year. 

Executive President Stephen Cobbs ’23  

Major: Biology 

Responsibilities: Cobbs acts as the chairperson of both the SGA Executive Board and Senate. Additionally, he is the chief liaison between SGA and Stonehill’s administration. He also serves as a voting member of Stonehill’s Student Affairs Committee and will make appointments to other College committees when student representation is required. 

What he hopes to accomplish in his new role: “My goal is to leave Stonehill a better place than what it was when I first came here in 2019,” Cobbs said. “I plan on doing this by enhancing the relationship between the student body and administration. I believe that my predecessor, Tahj, did an excellent job with that. I know through my prior work as SGA Executive Diversity Chair that the administration truly wants to hear student feedback.” 

Executive Vice President Jessika Crockett-Murphy ’24 

Major: Political Science  

Minor: Ethical Leadership  

Responsibilities: Crockett-Murphy is the liaison between the executive board, the SGA Senate and dozens of student organizations operating on campus. Every month, she coordinates a meeting for club leaders so they can ensure their organization’s needs are met. Like the executive president, Crockett-Murphy also serves as a voting member of Stonehill’s Student Affairs Committee.  

Why she decided to run for office: “I wanted to take on this role so I could support and advocate for all our on-campus clubs,” Crockett-Murphy said. “I want to increase student engagement and morale. I hope to interact with all other student leaders on campus, and make sure they have what they need to succeed. I hope to help streamline SGA as a whole and help us become more accessible to the entire student body.” 

Executive Finance Chair Luca Colosimo ’23 

Major: Accounting 

Minors: Italian Studies and Economics 

Responsibilities: As leader of SGA’s Finance Committee, Colosimo not only chooses and trains all the group’s members, but also oversees the budget allocation process for all recognized SGA committees and student organizations.  

Why he wants to serve the Stonehill community: “My passion for the Stonehill community led me to serve on Executive Board,” Colosimo said. “I have held several other leadership roles on campus, including public relations coordinator and vice president of my class for Stonehill SGA, orientation leader, Center for Writing and Academic Achievement tutor, office assistant, and teaching assistant. These experiences have prepared me to take on the role of finance chair.”  

Executive Treasurer Michael Daversa ’24 

Major: Finance 

Minor: Data Analytics 

Responsibilities: Daversa is a voting member of both the SGA Senate and the Finance Committee. He is responsible for maintaining all SGA committee and student organization financial accounts. 

What he is excited for the 2022-2023 academic year: “I’m looking forward to working on a team with my fellow Executive Board members,” Daversa said. “I can’t wait to start working together with Finance Chair Luca Colosimo to allocate funding to clubs so that they can achieve their goals.” 

Executive Public Relations Chair Erin Harrigan ’23 

Major: Psychology  

Minor: Criminology 

Responsibilities: Harrigan, a voting member of the SGA Senate, leads the SGA Public Relations Committee. In addition to developing and maintaining SGA social media accounts, she oversees the process of posting minutes from all student clubs and organizations on the SGA website.  

Why she looks forward to working with her Executive Board colleagues: “They are all hardworking and determined people, and I am looking forward to seeing what we can do. I am also excited to make a lasting change on this campus. I hope to make everyone on this campus feel safe and accepted at the end of my term.” 

Executive Programming Chair Kathleen Kilban ’23 

Majors: Communication and Psychology  

Responsibilities: Kilban is the head of SGA Programming Committee. She oversees all SGA programming subcommittees. She also works with the Executive Vice President and Executive Diversity Chair to compile a programming schedule for all events sponsored by SGA.  

Why she believes she will make a good programming chair: “I believe that a good programming chair should be passionate about events, be involved on campus, and have previous knowledge of or experience with SGA Programming Committee,” Kilban said. “They should also advocate for and support students. They need to be excited about the role. Through my previous work as the special events chair, I have witnessed firsthand the fantastic work of my predecessor, Alexis Thomas. I’m looking forward to modeling my work after her leadership.” 

Executive Diversity Chair Sadé Ratliff ’23 

Major: Black Studies 

Responsibilities: Ratliff is a voting member of the SGA General Assembly and serves as chairperson of the Diversity Committee. She oversees the Lead4Justice Conference and DiverCity Festival Committees, as well as Stonehill’s Heritage Month programs. Additionally, she acts as a member of the College’s Institutional Diversity Action Committee and collaborates with student clubs to foster diversity, equity and inclusion.  

What she envisions for the community: “My goal is to build a collective conscious throughout the Stonehill community that is aware of the preexisting struggles most marginalized students face,” Ratliff said.  

About Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA serves undergraduate students by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, campus-wide programming, legislation, and overall student engagement. The organization is comprised of more than 75 members working across a dozen different committees. Each year, SGA funds over 100 events and sponsors approximately 70 student clubs.