Class Committees

Class Committees shall be responsible for addressing any issues pertaining to their class as well as to the campus as a whole in conjuncture with the SGA General Assembly. The Class Committee shall also act as a liaison between their class and any College constituency which they represent.  

It is the function of the Class Committees to represent their respective classes, organize and promote class activities, spirit, and unity, and to ensure a continuous dialogue with the College leadership regarding everyday issues which affect their classes. 

President: Kemuel Navarrete 

Vice President: Giana Gulada

Communications Coordinator: vacant

Diversity Representative: Emma Markaryan

Class Representative: Alyssa Cimino

President: Emily Hartford

Vice President: Luca Colosimo

Communications Coordinator: Natasha Moniz

Diversity Representative: vacant

Class Representative: Erin Harrigan

President: Jessika Crockett-Murphy 

Vice President: Maylee Mathieu 

Communications Coordinator: Michael Daversa

Diversity Representative: Jennifer Smith

Class Representative: Kyle McGrath

President: Caleigh Fitzgerald

Vice President: vacant

Communications Coordinator: Eileen Durgin

Diversity Representative: Joshua Rodriguez

Class Representative: vacant

Diversity Committee

The SGA Diversity Committee is responsible for providing quality, safe, and culturally diverse programming to the Stonehill community. Some of the events that we host are heritage month panels, DiverCity and Lead4Justice. SGA Diversity Committee meets biweekly. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Committee Chair Lizzie Riley at

  • Chair: Stephen Cobbs
  • Treasurer: Tyler Pavao
  • Communication Coordinator: Jull Hansen
  • DiverCity Chairs: Sayvion Jones
  • Lead4Justice Chair: Cesy Diaz Martinez
  • Multicultural Liaison: Hailey Romero
  • Diversity Chair Class Committee members

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee’s goal is to host innovative and entertaining programs for Stonehill students. The committee meets on a weekly basis to meet and discuss upcoming events. Some of the major events that the Programming Committee hosts are Spring Weekend, Welcome Back Weekend, and Finals Countdown.

The Programming Committee also consists of five different subcommittees: Movie/Comedy, Concert/Coffeehouse, Special Events, Spirit, and Trip Committees.

Chair: Alexis Thomas

Treasurer: vacant

Communications Coordinator: Evelyn Liu

Movie/Comedy Chair: Valentina  Mongillo

Concert/Coffeehouse Chair: Jacki Sauer

Special Events Chair: Kathleen Kilban

Spirit Chair: Sydney Ledoux

Trip Chair: vacant