Thriving in a New Media World

Stonehill’s Communication program is equipping students with the experiences and knowledge needed to navigate today’s increasingly complex — and largely digital — information landscape. 

Program Overview

Professors in the Communication Department are committed to undergraduate teaching and strive to create a supportive and challenging learning environment. Our faculty members are also productive scholars, whose work has been presented at professional conferences and published as books, book chapters and refereed journal articles.

The program’s small class sizes create an intimate, supportive environment that fosters success. In addition, the College’s undergraduate focus means there are tremendous opportunities to work directly with faculty members on research projects. Students also have access to an extensive internship program that can tie knowledge gained through coursework to real-world experiences.

Two Concentrations, One Solid Foundation

The Communication Studies concentration looks at the interpersonal, organizational and rhetorical aspects of communication. This concentration includes courses in public relations. 

The Media Studies concentration examines the history, influence, regulation and effects of mass media.

Department Minors

The Cinema Studies minor is devoted to the study of media and of formats related to the moving image, including recent developments in digital technology.

The minor in Communication requires the completion of six courses.

The Digital Media Production minor is devoted to providing students with hands-on experience in the creation of visual screen media.

The Journalism minor is designed to help graduates launch careers in journalism, public relations and advertising worlds.

Career Development Resources

The Stonehill Career Development Center (CDC) offers extensive assistance to students seeking employment, pursuing advanced studies or participating in postgraduate service opportunities. By completing internships and utilizing mentors, students are empowered to build lifelong career management skills.

  • Extensive on-campus recruiting program for internships and entry-level jobs.
  • Annual career fair.

Communication-Specific Career Resources

  • CDC staff members regularly work with Communication Department faculty to present programs on career-building skills, including professional and dining etiquette, resume and cover letter writing, and interview techniques.
  • Number of active alumni mentors: 108

Campus Resources

  • Digital Innovation Lab (podcasting)
  • Radio station (WSHL 91.3 FM)
  • The Summit (student newspaper)
  • Editing lab (Adobe suite)
  • Computer lab

Recent Accolades

Organizations involved in assessing U.S. colleges and universities continually cite Stonehill as being among the best in the nation when it comes to value, outcomes and a commitment to making the world a better place. See full list of accolades.

Where our Communication Graduates Work

Stonehill communication graduates go on to work at a range of notable organizations. Continue exploring where Stonehill graduates work. 

Student Short Films

Stonehill students explore their creativity while developing key skills in storytelling, film, design, sound and editing through the production of original, in-depth film projects. This hands-on experience prepares students for careers in a variety of media-related industries such as production and entertainment.

Featured Communication Courses

Navigating the Media Landscape (First-Year Seminar)

Featured Course
This course will provide an overview of the history, structure, performance, content, effects and future of mediated communication, including issues of media ownership, regulation and media literacy. As a first-year writing-intensive seminar, students will engage in frequent writing assignments, rigorous analysis of texts, critical thinking and information literacy.

Leadership and Communication

This course is an examination of leadership theories and diverse styles of leading within various contexts. In particular, this course will explore the vital role of communication processes in relation to leadership effectiveness. This course will also give students the opportunity to reflexively examine their own styles of leadership as well as identify areas for continued improvement.

Rhetorical Theory

This course is a consideration of the intellectual tradition of rhetoric from a theoretical and critical perspective. Ideas from the classical, modern and contemporary periods are examined.

Earn Two Degrees in 5 Years

The Skyhawk Accelerated Dual Degree allows Stonehill students to earn a bachelor's degree and master's degree from Stonehill College in five years. Eligible students receive early and expedited admission to their graduate program of interest and can begin working toward a master's degree in education, data analytics or marketing during their senior year.

Outside Partnerships & Special Programs

Stonehill College has developed academic affiliations with colleges and universities that enable our students to augment the degree they earn at Stonehill with graduate and undergraduate degrees that further enhance their opportunities.

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Ronald C. Leone

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