Communication major connects students with careers in media and many other fields

It isn’t much of an exaggeration to say Emily Schario ’18 walked off the stage at Commencement and into an impressive career at WGBH News in Boston. Parlaying her experiences working for The Summit student newspaper and interning for WBUR’s On Point Radio, she began almost immediately at the NPR affiliate.

And her pace hasn’t slowed.

Having quickly risen to the rank of associate producer, she has helped produce segments featuring the likes of presidential candidate Andrew Yang, former FBI director James Comey, and Academy Award winner Chris Cooper.

“The opportunities I had in Stonehill’s Communication Department were a series of chain reactions that launched me into my current position at WGBH News in Boston,” Schario said. “At 23 years old, I’ve been promoted to associate producer in a top 10 media market, produced a series of presidential candidate interviews and have had my reporting featured on the radio. I feel incredibly grateful to be doing what I love and will always, thanks to Stonehill’s Communication Department getting me where I am today.”

Becoming Critical Filters of Messages Shaping Society

Through a mix of lecture-based and experiential courses, Stonehill communication students are prepared for careers or graduate study in mass media, public relations, journalism and other fields. The program helps them gain the tools needed to navigate today’s increasingly complex — and largely digital — information landscape.

“We are inundated with information every day,” said Professor Anne Mattina, Communication Department chair. “Some of it is valid, but a lot of it isn’t. The ability to discern truth and understand people’s perspectives can be helpful regardless of your career. Our mission is to help students become critical receivers of mediated and public messages.”

Outside the classroom, communication students at Stonehill have ready access to resources designed to help them hone their writing, production and social media skills. Whether they’re reporting for The Summit (Stonehill’s biweekly newspaper) or broadcasting from the College’s radio station or TV studio, students gain a competitive advantage in today’s crowded job market.

Communication students also have access to world-class internships that give them a taste of the career options available to them.

The opportunities I had in Stonehill’s Communication Department were a series of chain reactions that launched me into my current position at WGBH News in Boston.

Noah Powell ’20 admits he wasn’t the strongest writer when he started college. That changed after a few classes with Associate Professor of Communication Maureen Boyle. Powell says Boyle worked with him to target specific issues in his writing. Eventually, he gained enough confidence in his abilities to apply for a sports reporting internship at Boston 25 News.  

“I was selected for the position,” he said. “I wrote five stories for Boston 25’s website. I also filmed a segment at a high school basketball tournament at the TD Garden. I interviewed the players by myself. The internship was a great hands-on learning experience.” 

As Powell prepares to graduate, he hopes to find work as a sports broadcaster. He believes he can make this dream a reality.  

“The Communication Department has given me the ability to do everything I want to do,” he said. “Their support has helped me open so many doors for myself, from starting a sports broadcasting club on campus to securing the Boston 25 internship.”  

A Broad-Based, Interdisciplinary Education 

The College’s communication alumni have gone on to have successful careers at a number of prominent organizations, including the Boston Bruins, the Boston Celtics, CBS Films, Disney/ABC TV, ESPN and Nickelodeon. 

Love Boussiquot ’16 currently serves as an executive assistant at Disney Junior in Los Angeles. During her time at Stonehill, she conducted SURE research on intersectionality with Professor Wanjiru Mbure. She also held internships in entertainment publicity at NBCUniversal, corporate social responsibility at Cone Communications and public relations at the Children’s Museum in Easton.  

Boussiquot said these diverse experiences offered by the Communication Department prepared her for a career in Hollywood. 

“Working in TV now, I utilize many different skill sets, whether I’m managing my supervisor’s calendar, giving notes on scripts, planning events for Disney Junior or assisting with company diversity initiatives. The broad-based, interdisciplinary education I received has given me the confidence and skills needed to carry out my duties.”