Technology has both advanced and complicated marketing. In a world of targeted ads, algorithmic tracking, and infinite choices at our fingertips, how do marketers help their products cut through the noise?

Now with multiple tracks and offered fully online or in a hybrid format, Stonehill’s Master of Science in Marketing Program takes an approach that offers students a competitive advantage in the field: creativity. 

Creativity in Marketing is the first course that all marketing graduate students take, whether they’re pursuing digital marketing, experiential marketing, data analytics or any of the other marketing pathways. Students in Creativity in Marketing learn about and practice techniques centered on brainstorming, originality and innovation — skills that are essential to their future jobs. 

And yet — despite how fundamental those skills might be — you won’t find similar courses in rival programs, says Professor Kristin M. McGillicuddy, the program’s director. “I have not found another program out there that offers a true study of creativity. And students report that it’s incredibly useful, both during the course and in their work afterwards.”

In addition to this unique feature, the program is also distinguished by its strong mentoring. “Most of our competitors are really big schools,” McGillicuddy says. “At Stonehill, you get so much that’s personalized. The faculty is a strong team, and we’re all focused on meeting one-on-one with our students. And we all work in the field — and those experiences and connections make us assets for our students, too.”

A Degree That Offers Graduates a Competitive Edge

Creativity, customization, and convenience are what makes Stonehill’s marketing program work for students with a wide range of experiences and goals.

Sara Shevlin ’18 M’19 is among the graduates who have parlayed their marketing master’s degree into careers at organizations such as Live Nation Entertainment, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Dana Farber Cancer Center and Citizens Bank. “The professors did a great job preparing us as professionals,” says Shevlin, who is an operations manager at Live Nation Entertainment. “I am able to think from the perspective of guests to help improve their experience.”

For Panayiotis “Pano” Pavlidis M’24, a Stonehill basketball standout, his marketing master's is a key part of his long-range plan. The 6-foot-8-inch forward from Queens, New York, hopes to play professionally in his family’s home country of Cyprus once he graduates from the program.  “I’m very fortunate to be able to pursue my dream,” Pavlidis says. “But basketball doesn’t last forever. After basketball, I want to own my own business.”

Pavlidis has a bachelor’s in business management, but Stonehill’s program helped him strengthen other areas he knows he’ll need down the road. He says, “I felt like I had a great understanding of management and finance, but I needed to learn more about marketing, which is more creative, and more about attracting and connecting with people.”

In Creativity in Marketing, he found just what he was looking for. “It was so much fun,” Pavlidis says. “I still use techniques from that class all the time. I didn’t think of myself as a creative person before that class, but now I see that I can bring a lot to the table in terms of creativity.”

Eddie Rhee, professor of marketing

A Program Designed to Fit Busy Lives

Completing a master’s program while playing an NCAA Division I sport takes more than creativity, though. The enormous time Pavlidis has invested to make for his basketball career might make juggling it all impossible elsewhere — but not at Stonehill. 

“I really care about my sport and have to focus a lot on training, but I’m able to keep up or work ahead whenever I have free time,” Pavlidis explains. “And when I’m overloaded, I can always reach out to my professors and they’ll work with me.”

He’s not the only student who benefits from the flexible, personalized nature of the program. “I have classmates who drive from New Hampshire, or are parents, or have full time jobs,” Pavlidis says. “The flexibility of the program is really great.”

“Whatever else you have going on, if you have a passion for marketing or want to expand your knowledge, I recommend this program highly.”

An Opportunity for Those Seeking New Careers

Kim Mitchell M’24 knows about having a lot going on. After a 20-year career in public education, she’s making the transition to marketing through Stonehill’s marketing program — while working full-time and raising a child.

And just like Pavlidis, the best part of the program for Mitchell? The flexibility.

“It’s not the easiest thing to be a mid-career transitioner,” Mitchell admits. “But the student body is so welcoming, and the faculty support has been amazing. I never feel like I’m out here on my own. I always feel very supported.”

Mitchell, who has been working as a school counselor, had long been interested in marketing, but she wasn’t sure how to take the first step. “For years, people told me I should pursue marketing,” she explains. “I like people and I like understanding problems.” Now that she has finally made the leap, being on the other side of the student desk has been a thrill.

“I love being in the classroom,” Mitchell says. One semester she was on campus two nights a week; the next, she took some online classes and only had to be on campus for one night. “You have to structure your time well, but it’s very doable. I came in with no focus, and now I’ve found all of these areas I’m really jazzed about.” And since the program only takes one year of full-time coursework, she’s nearly launched already.

“I wanted to get this degree done and then get out there and do my thing,” Mitchell says. “And Stonehill’s program allows me to do that.”

Kate Lally is on Live! In the Bay, discussing the story behind "Kit & Sis" and "Dollie & Me Crafting."

Dual-Degree Feature a Great Option for Stonehill Undergrads

Kate Lally M’25 already knew she loved being at Stonehill — and the marketing master’s allowed her to pursue her career goals and stay on campus for an extra year.

Lally is a member of the Skyhawk Accelerated Dual Degree (Skyhawk ADD) program, which means that when she graduates with her bachelor’s this spring, she’ll have already begun her coursework for a one-year master’s.

Originally from California, Lally fell in love with Stonehill on her first visit. “The campus gave me this homey feeling,” she says. “I felt right at home the second I arrived, and I’ve loved every minute since.” 

Unlike Pavlidis and Mitchell, Lally has had experience with marketing for years — since she was 13 years old, in fact. She founded Kit & Sis, which makes crafting kits, guides, and supplies to children around the country, with her childhood best friends.

“We loved making crafts for our dolls, but it was so expensive,” she explains. So Lally and her co-founders started making the crafts themselves — and soon they were hosting crafting summer camps. When COVID-19 hit, they moved to Zoom camps and shipping their materials — and the company shifted to a subscription-based model.

For Lally, the opportunity to continue building her business education in a place she loves and feels comfortable is a no-brainer. “You can go to a new school, but you have to set down roots all over again,” she says. And once her dual-degree program ends?

“I’ve been my own boss since I was 13,” she says. “So, working in a more traditional corporate world is really interesting to me.”

That’s probably not an answer you’d get from most marketing students — but then again, in Stonehill’s master’s program, no two answers will be the same.


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