A Master’s Degree in Marketing With a Focus in Data Analytics

Stonehill’s master’s degree in marketing provides students with the expertise and knowledge needed to advance and lead in an ever-evolving 21st-century marketing environment.

The data analytics pathway prepares marketers to analyze and extract data from a variety of sources and use it to develop actionable strategies that improve business results. Students will understand how organizations leverage analytics in a variety of environments and how marketers can utilize data to inform their decision-making. 

In this pathway, students will:

  • Develop tools and strategies for data analytics
  • Develop skills in statistical analysis of both categorical and quantitative data using SAS
  • Explore applications of data analysis to the marketing field, such as visualization and digital storytelling
  • Understand issues of security, privacy and ethics in data analytics

All marketing master’s students are required to take five core courses as well as five elective courses to complete their program. For the data analytics pathway, courses such as Statistics for Data Analytics and Visualization & Digital Storytelling ensure marketers gain a strong understanding of data analytics and its use in the digital space.

Sample Courses

Statistics for Data Analytics

DAN 602
An intermediate statistics course focusing on techniques used in data analytics. Introduces key statistical methods for applying data analytics. Introduces statistical thinking – starting with a question and using data and software tools to form a reasonable conclusion. Covers statistical analysis of both categorical and quantitative data. Most analysis will be performed using SAS software. Topics include statistical distributions, probability density functions, model accuracy analysis, bootstrapping, and sampling techniques.

Visualization & Digital Storytelling

DAN 605
A hands-on course emphasizing the importance of data visualization in understanding data. Designed for those who have never used data visualization software before, this course will utilize Microsoft Power BI to prepare students to create reports and dashboards at all levels of an organization. Students will learn exploratory and explanatory data analysis and learn how to ask the right questions about what is needed in a visualization. Students will assess how data and design work together and learn which visualization to use in various situations.

Security, Privacy & Ethics in Data Analytics

DAN 607
A survey and case study course emphasizing the importance of data privacy and security. We need to share data in organizations, but the more we share it, the more it becomes necessary to protect it. By the end of the course, students will understand the legal, social, and ethical ramifications of data security and privacy as well as the concepts behind data guardianship and custodianship and data permissions. Special attention will be given to industry-specific data privacy laws (HIPAA, FERPA, PCI DSS, etc.).

Leverage the Power of SAS

In this pathway, students will get extensive experience with products from SAS, a worldwide leader in analytics software. As the demand for data analytics skills and SAS experience grows, students will gain the in-demand skills employers seek.


In 2021, more than 219,000 job postings listed SAS as a desired skill, according to Emsi, an aggregator of labor market data.


According to SAS, survey respondents say a base programming credential from SAS led to an average salary increase of 8.5%.

Earn a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

For marketers looking to expand their knowledge in the field of data analytics, Stonehill offers a five-course professional certificate in data analytics. This certificate builds on a base of marketing knowledge and experience. It focuses on analyzing and extracting data and understanding how organizations utilize data to strengthen their decision-making. 

If a student completes the Data Analytics Graduate Certificate and wishes to pursue their master’s degree in marketing, these courses can be applied toward the master’s degree.

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Kristin M. McGillicuddy

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