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December 1, 2020 is #GivingTuesday and we need your support now, more than ever.

Keeping our Stonehill community safe and healthy, while offering an education of the highest caliber is of the utmost importance to the College.

This year, we have invested in a testing center, classroom enhancements, remote learning offerings, and more to ensure that our students can safely enjoy our community.

We are so thankful for your gifts this year as they help alleviate the impact of COVID-19.

Your support allows us to create a safe and enriching learning environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

To support our community of light and hope this #GivingTuesday we invite you to:

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Stonehill #GivingTuesday Will Knock Your Socks Off!

In appreciation of our #GivingTuesday donors, custom Stonehill socks will be given to the winners of our giving challenges. 

Alumni, parent, student, and faculty/staff/retiree donors have the chance to win Stonehill socks!

Be sure to select your relationship to Stonehill and your alumni class year when you make your gift online. Gifts received by mail count as well!

The GoHill Challenge to support Stonehill athletics is also part of #GivingTuesday, and all donors for the GoHill Fund count in the sock challenges as well!

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Alumni Class Giving Challenge

The alumni class from each decade with the most donors on #GivingTuesday will win! Make your own gift and encourage your classmates to make a gift as well to ensure your class has the most donors for your decade!

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GoHill Challenge

Even though there is no intercollegiate competition this fall, Stonehill student-athletes are working with their coaches and teams to remain competitive and prepare for future athletic contests.

Help us virtually fill W.B. Mason Stadium this fall to show our continued support for Stonehill athletics.

Your gift to the GoHill Fund or to a specific team benefits student-athletes.

Well-Wishes for Stonehill Students

Extraordinary circumstances changed the course of this semester for students, take a moment to share a note with them. Send your overall good thoughts by wishing them good luck on finals, acknowledging their hard work or expressing to them the importance of being a part of the Stonehill community. Together we are stronger.

Jack, Class of 1972

As Finals approach, covid is on the rise again and I am sure you are worrying about what courses will be like next semester. I hope that each day you are able to take a moment each day to swing by the Grotto or the Chapel and take a moment of silent introspection or prayer. Adding you and all my Stonehill family in my prayers.

Fr. Michael Bruno, Class of 2007

God bless you all as you complete this Fall semester! May you bring the Lord's light and hope in the world!

Claire Shamber, Class of 2020

Keep working hard and don’t forget to be kind to yourself as well. These times are tough so take the time to acknowledge that you are doing your very best even with all that’s going on. Good luck with finals and don’t forget to celebrate (safely)! :)

Mom & Dad, Parents Class of 2022

I’m so proud of you! I can’t believe the semester is ending-feels like you just left! Stay strong. Stay healthy. Stay safe. Good luck with finals-can’t wait for you to be home!

Mum & Dad, Parents Class of 2023

Nathan, Good luck on your finals. You have worked very hard under very challenging circumstances this semester. We are so proud of you!

Maureen Hasenfus, Parent Class of 2024

Daniel Daniel - You got this!! Continue to work hard!! Don’t beat yourself up!!!
Lots of love. Mom and Dad xxoo

Mom, Parent Class of 2022

Caitlyn, Once again you have shown everyone what an amazing young woman you are. You take on responsibility with ease. Your work ethic and passion will take you all the way. So very proud of you, all you’ve accomplished, and all you will be! Love you!

Joseph Tucker, Class of 1987

You all did a great job in a unique situation. Keep it going until the end. Persistence is key, with the faith Stonehill gives you.

Jeanette Michael, Parent

My thoughts and prayers are with you all for successful exam results and end of semester.

Parent Class of 2021

You are strong, you are smart and you are amazing! During times and circumstances with nothing but unknowns ahead, you’ve forged your path the best way you knew how. Good luck with your finals and Happy Thanksgiving. You’ve got this!

Parent Class of 2022

Wishing you all the best as the close of the semester is approaching ... we wanted to wish you good luck on your finals.

Mom, Parent Class of 2024

Dear Malia- We are so incredibly proud of you! Keep being your amazing self!
Xox mom and dad


Wow! You guys defied the odds and made it on campus for a whole semester. Not the year you were dreaming about but we are proud of all you are accomplishing. Good luck on finals! Love, Mom, Dad, Emily, Megan and Max!!

Susan Zawalich, Class of 1970

Dear Stonehill Students - Congratulations on getting through a challenging fall semester. Facing finals is always somewhat daunting. I remember many hours in the Stonehill Library preparing for the tests to come. But I am sure you will all get through this latest academic innovation in good form. Please all stay well, enjoy your studies and your community. Stonehill is a very special place and will remain a strong supportive memory as you go forward. This year my class celebrated our 50th graduating year...and many of us remain in touch. Best of luck and stay well and strong. Susan Zawalich, B.A. English Literature 1970.

Mom & Dad, Parents Class of 2023

Dear Alexis, We are so very proud of your dedication to your studies and wish you all the best on your finals!

Jennifer Gilchrist, Parent

Stonehill Students! Congratulations and well wishes as you approach finals. God Bless and guide you.

Marillian Missiti, Parent Class of 2024

Good Luck students on your finals. Your hard work is showing just how strong you are and being part of an amazing and supportive community at Stonehill!


Good luck on your finals! Although there are many things which have been different this fall semester, so glad you were able to experience Stonehill either remotely or by being part of the campus community during these challenging times. Keep working hard and chasing your dreams!

Sue Tolles, Parent Class of 2022

Best of luck with your finals!! You´ve got this!! There are many cheering you on! Be proud, be brave and be safe.

Jacquelyn H. Tracy, Class of 1988

You've got this Stonehill students! Best of luck on exams. Enjoy your time back home. Be safe and well!

Donna & Dan Goode, Parents Class of 2022

Dear beloved Stonehill students, your strength and perseverance continues to amaze all of us. Know that your passion, determination and being part of such a wonderful Stonehill community will drive you past the finished line this fall. Heads high and good luck on your finals. YOU GOT THIS!

Doris Hernandez, Parent Class of 2020

Best of luck on your finals, and keep up the great work!!! Take it one day at a time. You got this!!

Madison McGlone, Class of 2018

Best of luck during this abnormal finals period! You've made it this far, and the finish line is in reach. Take care of yourself during this time. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Anita Chaves, Parent

Keep up the good work! It is so hard to keep focused when the world has been turned upside down, but I am so proud to be a parent of a sophomore at Stonehill! Not only is he doing an amazing job, but the teachers and staff at Stonehill are also doing an amazing job with supporting and teaching the students! Good luck to all!

Debbie Hooper, Parent Class of 2022

Caitlin, You are capable of amazing things, and I am very proud of you.
Finals - You Got This No Problem!! I love you, xo Mom SC Class of 2022

Joanne Harrington, Class of 1969

You have worked hard this semester in unusual times. Great job and good luck with your exams.

Cynthia Feeman, Parent

Best of luck with your exams. It's been a hard semester for you but you're a trooper and strong. God bless!!

MaryAnne (Coelho) Long, Class of 1965

As a Stonehill alumna, I am always proud to read the accomplishments of past alumni and look forward to reading about the great heights the Stonehill students of today will reach. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. Stay safe.

Stonehill Alum, Class of 2018

Congratulations on another semester down at Stonehill, whether you just joined us as a freshman or you are looking at the light at the end of the tunnel as a senior. This semester and this year are unlike anything we've seen before, and your struggles are unmatched. Know that you have done your best and you have given it your all, and know that the Stonehill community is here behind you. #GoHill

Mom, Parent Class of 2024

Riley, I am so proud of all your accomplishments this past Semester at Stonehill. You tackled the stress of transitioning to college; life and study, with such a positive attitude. I know every moment has not been easy, but your perseverance, and self motivation are remarkable traits!!!! I know you will give your all during finals!!!! All my Love!!!

Eddie Rhee, Faculty

I wish you the best with your final. We will overcome the hardship together as a community. Happy Holidays!

The Osmanski Family

Good luck to our son Joe and all the students at Stonehill College on your exams !! These have been trying times, but you have proven that you can beat the odds and succeed! Enjoy your time off, use it wisely.
Be well, be safe., be positive - test negative.

Rachel, Parent

Dear Students, How proud we all of you and your accomplishments! What proud parents we are of your resilience and determination to continue your personal growth through studies, exploration of faith and participation in community while surrounded by uncertainty! Best wishes for finals success, and safe happy holidays.

Bree, Class of 2016

I'm sure this year has seemed to both drag on endlessly and also pass by super quickly; I'm sure you are eager for your exams to be over and for the holidays to begin! Best wishes and I hope you can end the semester strong!

Stacia Sailer, Parent Class of 2023

Good luck to Brendon, Sean and the Stonehill students on your final exams. You weathered the storm this fall, worked hard and avoided COVID. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your families and continue to excel! Lots of love and support from the Sailers

Kristen Chang, Parent Class of 2023

I am so proud of you and your accomplishments so far. I know it has not been easy this year but you have shown great determination. Love you and wishing you best of luck on finals in December!

Nikki St. Amand, Class of 2001

Hang in there, Skyhawks! You can do hard things. This will not last forever. Focus on the positive!

Elizabeth and Mark Kripp, Parents Class of 2023

We are so proud of you and wish you all the best as you prepare for your finals!


Dear Stonehill Students, this year has proven to be one of the most challenging times in the history of our country. Being a college student in 2020 has been no easy task. But remember that with hard work and perseverance you will get through this and be a stronger person for it. Good luck on your finals!

Auntie Kathy

Best of luck and all good wishes Abby as you conclude this unusual semester. Thinking of you!

Dad, Class of 2021

David, good luck with finals. Study hard, play hard.

Julie Fabri, Parent Class of 2021

This has been such a trying time for Stonehill students- you've done a great job! Good luck on your finals!!!

Dana Salvadore, Parent Class of 2024

Extraordinary semester - extraordinary kids! You have done an amazing job protecting the nest - finish your semester strong and then coast like a supersonic (Sky) hawk - 2021 awaits!!

Stephanie Kane, Parent Class of 2023

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A. Edison
Good luck on exams Skykhawks!!!

Mom & Dad, Parents Class of 2022

Shawn, We know it was not easy studying remotely this semester. Wishing you luck on your finals, finish strong! We love you and are so proud!

Mom & Dad, Parents Class of 2024

Keep up the good work Cara and for making us proud!

Mr. & Mrs. Lambrou, Parents Class of 2023

Students, you are doing a remarkable job, keeping yourselves and those around you safe. You are doing something that no other group of students has been expected to do before. Your consideration, thoughtfulness, devotion and trustworthiness is apparent in the way that your college has been able to remain in person. You are each a part of that success, and you should be very proud of that. Thank you. As parents who did not know how this semester would turn out, we could not be more impressed with a student body who respected the plan and made it work. You are true examples of the Stonehill community. We wish you all the very best of luck on your final exams!
Mr. & Mrs. Lambrou

Love, Aunt Rose

Hello MaryRose, I was so thrilled when you chose Stonehill to continue your education. You make your parents and everyone you know proud of you. I know this is not the semester you were expecting, but in spite of everything you have preserved. Good Luck with your finals. There is no doubt you will do fantastic. You have all it takes to be a successful Stonehill student. I can’t wait to see you. I Love you!

Suzanne and Gregg Obuchowski, Parents

Good luck on finals! And congratulations on a safe and healthy semester. You did it!

MR, Parent

Best of luck on your exams! This year has been trying and you continue to shine through this global challenge! You are the change this country needs!

Sam Herrick, Parent

Good Luck Graham Herrick Class of 2024 on your final exams!

Mary Ducklee, Staff

Wishing you lots of good luck for the end of the semester and finals!

Mom & Dad, Parents Class of 2023

Ben! We are so proud of the man you have become. You are working so hard at Stonehill and we are so proud of you. Keep it up. You've got this!!! We love you!

Dr. & Mrs. B., Parents Class of 2023

Adam, “All you can do is the best you can do” and you have certainly worked hard to make that happen this semester. We are very proud of you! Congratulations all students and faculty who have worked so hard to adapt to different ways of interacting, learning and living. You have persisted though it wasn’t an easy task and all your hard work has paid off. You made it!! Good luck on finals. Onward and upward Stonehill Skyhawks!!

Sue Clancy, Parent

Class of 2024 - You have dealt with the challenge of ending high school and starting college without many of the long-anticipated events and traditions. Despite this, you’ve made it to the end of your first semester! Finish strong and use the break to recharge for your return! Skyhawk Strong!

Scott and Jill Campitelli, Parents Class of 2024

Isabella, We are so proud of you this semester keep up the great work... Wishing you lots of luck with your finals... We love you!!!! Mum, Dad, Mia xo

Darcy Fifield, Parent

Amelia, I'm so proud of you. Good luck with the end of the semester and finals. Love, Mom

Richard Imperati Jr., Parent Class of 2021

Good luck with this virtual exam process! One at a time.

Mom, Dad & Mia, Parents Class of 2022

Jimmy......Good luck on your exams!

Parent Class of 2023

J.C. and friends, Good luck on your upcoming exams and finals. Know you are in our prayers. I am so proud of all your accomplishments, and struggles this past semester (when COVID hit), all of you should be proud with the challenges you have been given...remember God never gives us anything we cannot handle, and He is always with us! Love, Mom, Elyse '10, and Sydney

Kristen Salvatore, Parent Class of 2023

Gian..from the first time I saw you, I knew you would grow up to be a kind and generous man. Good luck on your upcoming exams. I LOVE YOU. mom

Julie Murteira, Staff

Warmest congratulations to all of our Skyhawks for doing such a fantastic job during a most challenging fall semester. Best of luck on your final exams and please enjoy a well-deserved rest over break. Most importantly, stay well and take care of each other. Hope to see you all in the spring.