What is a matching gift?

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Make Your Gift and Get it Matched!

Under a company’s matching gift program, gifts made to Stonehill College by eligible employees are matched with company or corporate foundation funds.

Some companies also match charitable contributions made by spouses, retirees and board members. By taking advantage of your company’s matching gift, your gift to Stonehill could be doubled or even tripled!

How Can I Match My Gift?

Matching Gift Company Search

To find out if your company has a matching gift program, please use our matching gift company search.

Make Your Gift

To submit your gift, complete your employer’s matching gift form and mail, along with your gift, to Stonehill College. 

Make your gift online and enter your employer in the box labeled Employer Matching Gift.

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Thank you for your support of Stonehill College.

Common Questions

Your company’s human resources department can tell you if your company has such a program. Or, you may contact us at (508) 565-1341, and we will also be able to confirm whether or not your employer offers this benefit.

Because each employer has specific requirements of its employees, the best source for instructions on how you should proceed is the Human Resources department at your company. Your company may ask that you complete its form and mail it to Stonehill along with your gift. Or your company may need a phone call from you once you have made your donation. While these two ways are the most common, your company’s specific policy may have different requirements.

Your employer has guidelines to determine whether a matching gift may be restricted or not. In some cases, employers require that the matching gift be directed to the same place as the donor’s gift, and in other cases, employers require that a matching gift be left unrestricted. The College must follow your company’s wishes, including whether or not a donor may restrict a matching gift.

How do I get in touch with someone who can help me? In addition to your company’s human resources department, many businesses have a Corporate Agent who is a company employee. The role of the Corporate Agent is to encourage company employees who are Stonehill alumni, parents and friends to become involved in the Matching Gifts Program. You may also contact us here at the College by calling (508) 565-1341. We are available to answer any questions you might have regarding matching gifts.

The Office of Development oversees the Stonehill College Fund (Stonehill's Annual Fund), the GOLD Giving Program (for Graduates Of the Last Decade), Reunion Giving, Faculty and Staff Giving, and Student Philanthropy. The department manages matching gifts, recurring gifts and online gifts.