With this service, you can make an annual gift in recurring installments. Simply decide how much you would like to give each month/quarter/twice a year/year.

Stonehill will put your gift to good use right away to help support the immediate needs of the College. You will essentially support the College all year long and be counted among Stonehill’s valued donors. Recurring gifts provide sustained support for our existing programs and resources that benefit the students throughout the year. 

Along with the knowledge that your gift makes a difference in the lives of Stonehill students, you will receive an annual summary statement report of your gifts.

You can make your gift by credit card or by electronic check. To join the recurring giving program through the online gift form, select Recurring as the Gift Frequency.

Examples of how to make a recurring gift:

A Yearly Gift Of Monthly
Gift Amount
Gift Amount
Twice a Year
Gift Amount
$5,000 $416.67 $1,250 $2,500
$2,500 $208.34 $625 $1,250
$1,000 $83.34 $250 $500
$500 $41.67 $125 $250
$250 $20.84 $62.50 $125
$100 $8.34 $25 $50

Stonehill’s State Nonprofit Disclosures can be found here.