Stonehill alumni, parents, and friends support the Stonehill College Fund to honor their Stonehill ties and to help today’s students receive the best Stonehill education possible.

The Stonehill College Fund is Stonehill’s annual fund, the largest single source of fundraising support for the College. With the exception of endowed gifts, all gifts to the College count toward the Stonehill College Fund. While most gifts to the Fund are unrestricted, you can earmark your gift for a scholarship, the GoHill Fund (athletics), or any program or activity (such as the H.O.P.E. Program) that is meaningful to you.

Unrestricted gifts to the Stonehill College Fund are used wherever the College needs them most, from operational expenses to capital projects. Restricted gifts support the program or scholarship fund for which they are intended. Tuition only covers 84% of the cost of each student’s education.

Stonehill depends on the generosity of its alumni, parents, and friends in order to meet and exceed our students’ needs in terms of technology, facilities, programming, and scholarships. Stonehill has a long and proud history of “paying it forward” – many alumni were able to attend Stonehill because of the generosity of their predecessors, and in turn support the College so as to open doors for current and future students.

As seniors, students can take part in the annual tradition of the senior class gift or Legacy Campaign. This is one of the first steps to take as the senior class transitions from being a student to being alumni.

The Stonehill College Fund operates on a fiscal year calendar of July 1st – June 30th. Because the fund is annual and the need is constant, you can make your gift any time and it will be equally appreciated.

Stonehill’s State Nonprofit Disclosures can be found here.