These funds, which are made available through the generous support of donors to the College, are available to students in order to subsidize the costs associated with their participation in a wide range of high-impact learning activities. Preference is given to students who are able to clearly articulate and demonstrate the significant financial hardships or barriers that jeopardize their ability to participate in desired high-impact learning experiences. 

I was indescribably happy to learn that I was the recipient of a Student Opportunity Award this semester. I am so eager to learn hands-on about other cultures next year while studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain. Aside from taking classes, I will be living with a host family that does not speak any English, and I am excited to continue my Spanish language acquisition through this immersion. In the future, my goal is to work for an international accounting company where I can utilize my global perspective and exhibit more than just the technical skills required.

Donor Impact Report

Stonehill College has created a Student Opportunity Fund to help hard working, deserving students by defraying the costs of academically- related expenses beyond tuition.

Thank you for your investment in the Student Opportunity Fund, which is ensuring that our students can focus on enhancing their academic and pre-professional careers without constant worrying about financial barriers and limitations.

Awards received from this fund impact the lives of our deserving students for many years to come‚ÄĒfacilitating their growth towards active and prepared professionals, and enhancing their academic and professional development skills for success in their future careers.

During the Academic Year 2018-2019, 131 students received a total of $30,520 in awards. Thanks to our benefactors, the Student Opportunity Fund supported the following student expenses during the AY 2018-2019:

Local Internships

Local internship opportunities supported by the Student Opportunity Fund often lead students to their desired career path and provide them with the experience and skills to pursue their respective professions. In some cases, it is because of the Student Opportunity Fund that students are able to afford to take these internships, which are often unpaid, without worrying about the cost of transportation and parking.

Academic Conferences

Stonehill students utilize the Student Opportunity Fund to attend academic conferences, many at which they present their own research and findings. Since travel and registration costs to get to these conferences can often be expensive, many students apply to the Student Opportunity Fund to help assist them.

Study Abroad and Travel Experiences

The Student Opportunity Fund assists with travel experiences that otherwise would not have been possible due to financial cost. These experiences include studying abroad, taking travel courses offered by Stonehill, as well as going on H.O.P.E. service immersion trips.

Graduate School Preparation

The Student Opportunity Fund allows Stonehill students to attend outside classes, such as exam prep courses, and take entrance exams for levels of higher education such as graduate school or medical school.

Student Opportunity Fund

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