Donor Impact Reports

  • The Bleakley Lab at Stonehill

    Thanks to generous donor support, Dr. Bronwyn Heather Bleakley’s developmental biology lab has benefitted from philanthropy to ensure that she has access to the materials, supplies, and equipment necessary to continue her cutting-edge research and teaching in the field of animal behavior.

  • The Bridge Fund

    Stonehill College created The Bridge Fund to assist hardworking Stonehill students with great financial need—providing a quick turnaround for our students when their family faces unexpected financial hardships.

  • Endowed and Restricted Scholarships

    Stonehill College is dedicated to offering students an excellent—and affordable—living and learning experience. Endowed and restricted scholarships ensure that Stonehill is accessible to talented, deserving students from diverse backgrounds.

  • The Farm at Stonehill

    The Farm at Stonehill is an initiative of The Mission Division at Stonehill College and is designed to enrich students' academic endeavors by providing them with the opportunity to actively engage in social justice issues while also helping provide for families and individuals in need.

  • GoHill Fund

    Support for the GoHill Fund advances the development of Stonehill Athletics – providing the means to grant scholarships, improve facilities, fund out-of-region travel, and foster the growth and development of students and staff. 

  • H.O.P.E. Service Immersion

    H.O.P.E. is a service immersion experience dedicated to helping Stonehill students understand the root causes of social injustices by becoming global citizens.

  • Leo J. Meehan School of Business

    With Stonehill’s deep gratitude for your support in making the Meehan Business Building a reality on our campus in 2019, we are pleased to provide you with a report highlighting the already impressive impact this new building has had on the College.

  • The Thomas and Mary Shields Science Center

    With our gratitude for making the Thomas and Mary Shields Science Center a reality on our campus ten years ago, we are pleased to provide you with a report highlighting the impact of the Shields Science Center over the past decade.

  • Stonehill College Fund

    Annual gifts to the Stonehill College Fund help Stonehill continue to be a place where anyone can thrive, regardless of their financial circumstances creating an extraordinary place of education, collaboration, and innovation.

  • The Student Opportunity Fund

    The Student Opportunity Fund was created with the objective of significantly enhancing the academic, professional, personal and spiritual development of each Stonehill student.

  • Wellness Initiatives Fund

    With the generous support of Robin McQueen-Lynch ’80, Bob Flynn ’87, and other donors, Stonehill has continued to provide support for student wellness programs, trainings, and events with financial resources from the Wellness Initiatives Fund.