Your support makes it possible to offer our students the best educational opportunities and programs, giving them the tools to create a more just and compassionate world.

The Stonehill College Fund operates on a fiscal year calendar of July 1st – June 30th.

The Honor Roll recognizes alumni and parent gifts to the Stonehill College Fund in Fiscal Year 2024 as of April 22, 2024.

Reasons for Giving

Donors Share Their Stories

Donors have shared why they support Stonehill. Read below to hear stories of scholarship assistance, friendships, academic experiences, and wanting to pay it forward.

Marco Meier, Class of 2012

I give to Stonehill to support future students having the wonderful opportunity of a Stonehill education. The Hill is a place that I call home, and I ant others to have the same feeling.

Sean Sylver, Class of 2005

Scholarships were a big part of the reason I attended Stonehill over other private colleges in the region, as every little bit counted for my family. I felt valued as an applicant, and that feeling never subsided during my four years as a student. I give every year, hoping to play a small part in helping another student feel that way.

Kerri Uribe, Class of 1997

I give because Stonehill provided the tremendous opportunity to customize my education and make lifelong friends!

Lisa and Andrew Castellini, Classes of 1985 and 1986

We have been able to pass on the Stonehill experience to our daughter. We have lifetime friendships from our Stonehill days and are now enjoying seeing her making friends that we know will be life friends also.

Bob Riordan, Class of 1969

As a member of the basketball team ('65-'69), Stonehill provided me the financial means to attend college. I am grateful for that experience and the opportunities that followed. I wish the best for all past and future Stonehill athletes.

May Ellen Nofi, Class of 1973

I give to Stonehill because I loved being there. I made great friends, strengthened my Catholic faith and learned the true art of teaching.