Data Analytics Minor

The Data Analytics minor offers students the opportunity to acquire an integrated set of computer science, mathematics and analytical skills needed to enter the field of data analytics.

A Burgeoning Field

The career opportunities for inquisitive and skilled undergraduates are very promising, with diverse private and public organizations seeking baccalaureates with disciplinary content knowledge and the skills to utilize “big data.”

Across many disciplines, academics and practitioners are developing and applying sophisticated methods of computer science and statistics to find meaning in the deluge of data now available.

A Minor with Flexibility to Complement Your Major

Students will gain experience using data analytics methodologies to solve real-world problems by analyzing extremely large data sets. The minor program ensures that participants will develop an analytical mindset, becoming familiar with relational and non-relational databases, as well as widely used statistical techniques.

Through the coursework, students will apply statistics, machine learning, text retrieval and natural language processing to analyze data and interpret results as appropriate to the domain-specific demands of their major fields of study.