Management Major

The Stonehill Management major places emphasis on the development of analytical, conceptual and professional skills necessary for managerial success. In line with the current concerns of the business community, particular focus is placed on ethical values, the behavioral sciences and international operations.


Bloomberg Ranks Stonehill’s Business Program Among Best in U.S.

Stonehill College’s business program was recently named one of the best in the United States by Bloomberg, which surveyed nearly 30,000 students and 600 companies to determine the best undergraduate business schools of 2016.

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The Management major is the most broadly focused of Stonehill’s Business majors. Building on the strong business core curriculum, students study human resources management along with managerial negotiations and decision making. They then are able to select an additional four courses in the Management major that are closely tailored to their personal career path.

The role of management is to guide and direct an organization toward accomplishing it goals. Its primary functions include planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

The Management major at Stonehill is designed to provide students with basic knowledge in each of these areas using several tools:AACSB Accredited

  • Case studies
  • Classroom lectures and discussions
  • Community-based learning projects
  • Computer simulations
  • Internships
  • Team projects
  • Research reports

Because of the general nature of the concentration, the Management major not only meets the needs of students seeking a management career but also serves those students who have yet to select a career direction and are primarily interested in a broad-based exposure to business administration.

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