A Valuable Chance to Enhance Your  Spanish Language Skills For Use in the Business World

The Business in the Spanish-Speaking World minor, offered jointly by the Meehan School of Business and the May School of Arts & Sciences, fosters broader cultural awareness among students of business and Spanish while providing the opportunity to acquire or strengthen their linguistic ability.

It pairs well with a number of majors, including the International Business major offered through the Meehan School's Department of .

A Spanish-for-Business Program Built Around Stonehill’s Core Values

This Spanish-for-business minor is an affirmation of the values at the heart of a Stonehill education.

Stonehill values racial and ethnic difference, understands and celebrates that our world is characterized by fewer borders, and is committed to preparing students to successfully live, work, and negotiate unfamiliar experiences in a multicultural environment.

This program empowers students to appreciate just how interconnected language, culture and business really are when dealing with national and international markets, companies and related stakeholders.

Combining Spanish Language, Business Acumen offers Career Advantage

A growing number of employers see bilingualism as a desirable attribute in job candidates. A recent Forbes article suggested that the demand for bilingual employees will markedly increase within the next five years. Thus, such a skill—that is, being proficient in Spanish (especially with an emphasis on language and culture related to the business world)—will certainly offer students an advantage when launching a career.

A Minor Enhanced by a Strong Study Abroad and International Internship Opportunities

Stonehill is renowned for its emphasis on study abroad and international internships, including a robust program in Granada, Spain.

While studying Spanish intensively in Granada, several of students have worked with members of the Chamber of Commerce. In this context, students are exposed to several different aspects of local business and come to understand how they fit within their societies. For instance, students work alongside professionals to analyze the local economy and entrepreneurial opportunities. They also study the challenges that cities, regions, and the country face as it relates to depopulation and an aging society. Students have visited several nearby towns to learn about their respective economic realities as well as local olive producers to learn about sustainability, ecology, and agriculture. Another major aspect of the internship empowering students to appreciate the vital role professional women play in Spain’s business world.

Sample Courses

Spanish and Hispanic Cultures for Business Professionals I

SPA 279
This course empowers students to develop and hone the skills necessary to describe and discuss several cultural aspects of the Hispanic World in Spanish. Topics include leadership styles and some responsibilities of a manager; what is typically expected of employees; the nature of interpersonal relationships between colleagues; workplace realities; and work/life balance. Students will also develop skills that enable them to carry out a job search, prepare a resumé in Spanish, have an interview conducted in Spanish, and negotiate some common cultural misunderstandings. Since this course is conducted in Spanish, it provides the opportunity for students to practice and refine their listening, oral, reading, and writing abilities.

International Business

BUS 336
An introduction to the economic, political, and cultural environments affecting international business. In addition, the influence of government on trade, foreign direct investment, foreign exchange, export and import strategies, and the impact of multinational enterprises will be discussed.

Global Marketing

Study of the marketing of goods and services in the international environment, the activities that take place within the firm preparing to enter the international marketplace, and the issues relevant to coordinating the marketing activities of the multinational corporation. Emphasizes the cultural, economic, and political factors affecting marketing strategies.

International Management

Integrates the strategic issues of managing a multinational firm with the cultural, political, economic, and social environments of global commercial enterprises.

Spanish for Business Professionals I

SPA 178
Develop skills to discuss topics that may include, among other things, leadership styles and responsibilities of a manager; typically expectations of employees; organizational structures; professional interpersonal relationships; workplace realities such as machismo and nepotism; work/life balance throughout the Spanish-Speaking world; office equipment and operating systems; and technology and internet use in the Spanish-Speaking World.

Recent Accolades

Organizations involved in assessing U.S. colleges and universities continually cite Stonehill as being among the best in the nation when it comes to value, outcomes and a commitment to making the world a better place. See full list of accolades.

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Contact Information

Jennifer A. Swanson

Professor of International Business, Chair of the Department of Global Business, Operations & Strategy
Peter J. Mahoney

Peter J. Mahoney

Associate Professor of Spanish, Chair, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Languages Lit. & Cultures