Associate Professor of Spanish and Medieval Iberian Studies Peter Mahoney's research chiefly focuses on legendary-epic texts and their intersection with medieval law and politics, their relationship with Spanish and Portuguese chronicles, and their characters’ reprisals in 15th-century ballads. He is in the early stages of a book project tentatively titled The Age of Heroes: The Formation and Formulation of Spain’s Glorious Past wherein he explores how several texts and their heroes were used throughout the Middle Ages to forge a unified “national” past, and how these texts—and their retellings—have led modern scholars to understand the epic genre. Mahoney served as a collaborating editor of A Companion to “Poema de mio Cid” (Brill, 2018) and has completed The Seven Knights of Lara: Text, Context, and Translation (Juan de la Cuesta, 2019), a study and annotated translation of the Siete infantes de Lara. His studies have been published in journals including Cahiers d’Études Hispaniques Médiévales, La Corónica, Romance Quarterly, and Bulletin of Spanish Studies as well as in edited volumes.


  • Ph.D., Boston University

Courses Taught

  • First Semester Spanish
  • Second Semester Spanish
  • Third Semester Spanish
  • Fourth Semester Spanish
  • Perspectives in Language and Culture I
  • Perspectives in Language and Culture II
  • Survey of Spanish Culture and Civilization I
  • Spanish and Hispanic Cultures for Professionals I
  • Spanish and Hispanic Cultures for Professional II
  • Spanish for Conversational Fluency
  • Christians, Jews, and Muslims of Spain: Medieval Minds in Modern English
  • Spain’s Multicultural Middle Ages
  • Vamps and Virgins: Sex in the (Medieval) City
  • Marginalized Voices from Colonial Latin America
  • The Sword and the Cross: The Reconquest of Spain and the Conquest of America