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Through a rigorous course of study with a strong emphasis on the learn-by-doing approach, the Biochemistry program is committed to providing the practical knowledge and skills necessary for graduate study in biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology or admission to professional school.

Our science professors will be the first to tell you: We are focused on the whole person, not just on creating great scientists. We want our students to find purpose and meaning in their lives.

Three Things You Need to Know About the Program

  • The chemical composition and three-dimensional structures of biomolecules and macromolecular assemblies
  • The molecular mechanisms of enzymatic catalysis and regulation of biochemical reactions
  • The metabolic reactions which synthesize and degrade biomolecules with an emphasis on bioenergetics

Unlike science programs at many other colleges and universities, professors teach all of the labs at Stonehill. They create a supportive and challenging learning environment that will help you to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed during and after college.

You will have a biology or chemistry faculty advisor who, over the course of four years, will help you deal with all of the questions and decisions that lead to life after Stonehill.

At Stonehill, science students get to use equipment that, at other schools, is often only available to faculty and grad students. Our High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer is a $230,000 instrument that chemistry students are using the first semester of their first year. By junior year they are using our Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer and Gas chromatography Mass Spectrometer.

Recent Accolades

Organizations involved in assessing U.S. colleges and universities continually cite Stonehill as being among the best in the nation when it comes to value, outcomes and a commitment to making the world a better place. See full list of accolades.

Undergraduate Research

How to Make It Work for You

Peer-Led Team Learning Program

PLTL meetings are a hallmark of the collaborative learning environment in the sciences at Stonehill. PLTLs are small groups of students who gather weekly to work on problems. You’ll quickly value these meetings because they connect you with your fellow students so that you can take advantage of their expertise while sharing yours and working together through complex course material.

Atrium Tutors

Atrium Tutors are in the Shields Science Center’s Pettit Atrium from 8:30 to 11:30 almost every night to help students with their science problems. All Stonehill science students have an assigned tutor for their first two years in the program.

A Minor That Pairs With Many Majors

The Biochemistry minor provides a strong foundation in molecular and cellular biology and chemistry for those students wanting flexibility to pursue additional preparation in other disciplines such as business, English, mathematics, philosophy or psychology.

By the Numbers

Stonehill’s Biochemistry program enables students to obtain skilled technical positions after graduation or continue their education in graduate or professional school.

Class of 2019 Placement Rate

100% of Class of 2019 biochemistry graduates are employed, enrolled in top graduate programs or engaged in postgraduate service six months after graduation.

Graduate Outcomes
Top 3% of highest paid grads

The early career salaries for graduates of Stonehill's Biochemistry and Chemistry programs are among the top 3% in the field, according to College Factual

Biochemistry Sample Courses

Biochemistry I

Structure and dynamics of amino acids, peptides and proteins. Enzyme mechanisms and kinetics. Function and mechanisms of coenzymes, survey of carbohydrates, lipids, biological membranes and nucleic acids. An introduction to the bioenergetics and mechanisms of metabolism.

Advanced Topics in Biochemistry

This course provides in-depth coverage of up-to-date advanced biochemical topics. This course is an advanced biochemistry elective for all science majors. The specific content focuses on important and ubiquitous topics in biochemistry and incorporates in-depth study of recently published literature.

Internship in Biochemistry

Opportunity to obtain research or practical experience in biochemistry at an industrial, government, hospital or university setting.

Partnerships & Special Programs

Stonehill College has developed academic affiliations with colleges and universities that enable our students to augment the degree they earn at Stonehill with graduate and undergraduate degrees that further enhance their opportunities.

Earn Two Degrees in 5 Years

The Skyhawk Accelerated Dual Degree allows Stonehill students to earn a bachelor's degree and master's degree from Stonehill College in five years. Eligible students receive early and expedited admission to their graduate program of interest and can begin working toward a master's degree in education, data analytics or marketing during their senior year.

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Daniel R. Rogers

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