Transfer Credits and Dual Enrollment

Transferring Credits to Stonehill College

Stonehill College may award transfer credit for courses taken at other accredited colleges or universities; through approved abroad programs; Advanced Placement Exams (AP); International Baccalaureate Exams (IB); and college courses taken while in High School with three basic considerations:

  1. The educational quality of the learning experience being transferred in;
  2. The comparability of the nature, content, and level of the learning experience earned to Stonehill College's academic programs; and
  3. appropriateness and applicability of the credit earned in light of the student's educational goals.

Transfer Credit Requirements

Transfer credit is only granted for college-level, credit-bearing courses taken at other institutions whose accreditation is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or Department of Education (DOE), regardless of delivery method (e.g. on-line courses, hybrid courses, MOOCs, etc.). Credits may also be awarded through the College Board Advanced Placement Exam Program, International Baccalaureate Program or through approved abroad programs. Please not that Stonehill does not currently accept transfer credits from schools accredited by the Academic Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

Credit will only be granted for courses in which the student has received the equivalent of a grade of "C" or better. An earned grade of "C-" or below will not transfer.  However, since Stonehill lecture/lab courses are graded with a single grade, transfer lecture/lab courses for which each component is graded separately may be accepted even if one of the grades is lower than a "C" if the weighted combined average grade is equivalent to a "C" (2.00 at Stonehill) or better. Pass/Fail courses will only be accepted in transfer if the official transcript indicates that a passing grade is the equivalent of a "C" or better.

In order to qualify for a Stonehill degree, a transfer student is required to complete at least 50% of their credits at the College, with their final two semesters taken at Stonehill or in a Stonehill sponsored program. At least 50% of courses required by the Stonehill General Education Cornerstone Program, a major, or minor must be taken in residency at Stonehill or through a Stonehill sponsored program. Individual academic departments may further restrict which major or minor courses may be transferred into Stonehill College.

Only credit hours are transferred. Transfer grades are not recorded on the Stonehill transcript and are not included in the computation of the cumulative grade-point-average. Credits transferred in from quarter hour, trimester, or other non-semester hour institutions may be adjusted to make them equivalent to a Stonehill semester-hour credit.

Courses taken at other accredited colleges

To Transfer a Course from another college, obtain a course description -- most colleges have them available on-line. You will need to provide a course description of the course(s) you plan on taking at the other institution(s). Meet with the Registrar's Office to complete a "Course Approval" form. In case you are not able to do this in person, please call the Registrar's Office to facilitate the course approval process.

Courses must be approved the appropriate Department Chair within the course discipline. If a course may transfer as a General Education requirement, approval must be received by the Assistant Dean of General Education. If the course will transfer as a requirement for your major or minor, you must get the approval of the Department Chair of your major or minor. After you have the above the necessary approval(s), return the form to the Registrar's Office.

A grade of 'C' or better is required for the course to transfer. Please be reminded that no more than 62 credits will be accepted in transfer by Stonehill from other accredited institutions.

Upon completion of the course, you must request that the Registrar of the college send an Official Transcript to:

Stonehill College
Registrar's Office
320 Washington St.
Easton, MA 02357

Courses taken abroad

All courses taken abroad must be pre-approved in order for credits to be accepted and transferred.  Students must meet with a member of the Office of International Programs prior to going abroad in order to determine whether or not courses require the approval of the respective Department Chair, Program Director, or Assistant Dean of General Education.   

If Departmental approval is required, students must provide the appropriate Department Chair within the course discipline, with course descriptions and/or syllabi for the intended course(s).  Students who take a course(s) without the appropriate pre-approval will not receive credit for such a course(s).

While abroad, if a change is made to the pre-approved course list, students must contact the Office of International Programs to obtain approval for the change.  Changes can be approved via e-mail with the Office of International Programs and Department Chairs if necessary. Students who change courses abroad and fail to make the appropriate contact will not receive transfer credit.

Advanced Placement Credit (AP)

Stonehill participates in the Advanced Placement program administered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Incoming students who have taken Advanced Placement (AP) courses and examinations while in High School may request credit for their work if they receive a 4 or 5 (in some cases only a 5 may be applicable) on the placement exam. To receive credit, students should arrange to have College Board send their scores directly to the Registrar's Office. Students will be notified as to the status of their request for Advanced Placement credit. Students who are granted Stonehill College credit for AP examinations are not allowed to enroll in introductory courses in the same area(s) in which AP credit has been granted. Find the Advanced Placement equivalent chart on this page.

Dual Enrollment

College Courses Taken While in High School 

Stonehill recognizes that some students may be offered the opportunity to enroll in college-level courses prior to their high school graduation. The College is willing to consider the acceptance of the academic credits earned in such courses provided:

  • the course was taught on the campus or on-line at the regionally accredited college or university issuing the credit and official transcript; 
  • the course was taught by a regular member of the college or university faculty;
  • the course was a regular part of the curriculum for and open to that institution's degree-seeking students and published in the college or university catalog;
  • the course was worth at least three semester-hour credits or four quarter-hour credits;
  • the student received a grade of "C" or better; and
  • the course must be comparable in nature and content to courses and credits offered through Stonehill College programs.

General Education Cornerstone Program credit will be awarded at the discretion of the Assistant Dean of General Education.

Students are required to provide the Stonehill College Registrar's Office with an official copy of the transfer school's transcript, a completed Dual Enrollment Request for College Credit Form, and course description or syllabus of each course for which the student is requesting credit to ascertain course equivalency.

Click here for the Dual Enrollment Request for College Credit Form