Transcripts are the official and complete record of a student’s academic work, which includes any official academic actions or changes, such as majors, minors, degrees, transfers, academic honors, withdrawals or dismissals. All permanent academic records including transcripts are maintained by the Registrar's Office. 

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Certifications, Verification Letters and Diploma Replacement

The Registrar's Office will provide letters that verify a student's attendance, full or part-time status, graduation date, or degree receipt upon written request of the student.  

  • Degree Verification Letter
  • Enrollment Verification Letter (Students should request this in myHill > Offices> Registrar > Enrollment or Degree Verification) 
  • Diploma Replacement:  Replacement diplomas are reissued for a fee of $35.00 and are normally shipped within 7-10 business days. Please use this link to complete the on-line form and credit card information. 
  • Apostille:  Stonehill College will provide a notarized copy certification of a diploma in preparation for Apostille processing. Please complete the diploma replacement link above and notify Deborah Norton at or 508-565-1311 with your Apostille request.  Once notarized the documents will be returned to the requestor for further processing.  For details on the apostille process we refer you to The Secretary of the Commonwealth's website at Public Records: Apostilles and Certifications (


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The Registrar's Office works to safeguard the accuracy, integrity, confidentiality and security of the student information system and of students' academic records; and to provide the accurate and timely dissemination of course and scheduling information.