Two on-line calculators are available for GPA calculations.

GPA Calculator 1

With GPA Calculator 1, you supply:

  • your current GPA 
  • ·the number of credits you have taken 
  • the number of credits you WILL take 
  • the GPA you hope to achieve

The calculator will compute the GPA which you will need to meet your goal.


  • Suppose you are a junior who has taken 94 credits and has a GPA of 3.38. You plan to take 30 credits in your senior year and hope to bring your GPA to 3.5. The calculator would tell you that you must achieve a 3.88 in your senior year to meet your goal.
  • You are a freshman with a GPA of 2.82. You have taken 36 credits. Next year you plan to take 30 credits. What GPA must you make in your sophomore year to achieve an overall 3.0? Enter this information into the calculator and you will find out that you must get a 3.22.

GPA Calculator 2

With GPA Calculator 2 ( for up to 60 courses), you supply:

  • the number of credits for each course 
  • the letter grade you received in each course

The calculator will compute the GPA for those courses.

To calculate your GPA manually

Semester Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • Multiply the number of credits for each course by the quality points assigned to each grade earned. 
  • Total the quality points earned for all courses (including failures.) 
  • Divide the total quality points by the number of credits attempted.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

Same as above for all courses taken at Stonehill College, including failures.

Note: Except for grades earned at University College Dublin, grades earned in courses accepted in transfer or in courses approved to be taken at other colleges, are not calculated in either the semester or cumulative GPA.

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