Major and/or Concentration Change or Declaration

The Major and/or Concentration

The goal of the Major is for students to acquire skills and investigate intellectual questions, methods, and issues in a specific field or area of study to facilitate intellectual growth, to be equipped to become responsible members of society, and to prepare for some field of graduate or professional study, or for a more immediate career in such areas as teaching, government, business, industry, or social service.

Some majors require that students pursue a specific concentration or track. Other majors have optional concentrations. 


Students must choose one of the following Concentrations

Arts Administration 1. Dance 2. Museum Studies  3. Music  4. Theater Arts
Communication 1. Communication Studies  2. Mediated Communication 
Dual Languages Any Combination of two of the following Languages:
Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish 
Management 1. Management Generalist 2. Management Information Systems
Performing Arts (starts with Class of 2021) 1. Cross-Disciplinary Perfromance 2. Dance 3. Music 4. Theater Arts
Political Science & International Studies 1. Government & Politics 2. International Relations 3.  Public Policy 

Degree candidates must declare a major field of study (and in some cases a Concentration) prior to enrollment in their final 45 credits. This is typically by the middle of the junior year.

Starting with the Class of 2019, student must earn a 2.00 GPA in their major(s) and Minor(s) to graduate. The major GPA can be found on the myAudit.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Students who want to accomplish intellectual goals outside a conventional major may develop an Interdisciplinary Major with the consultation of a faculty committee. Students interested in pursuing a Interdisciplinary Studies Major should contact Dr. Peter Ubertaccio , Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences for guidance.

Learn more about the  Interdisciplinary Studies Majors.

Double Majors

Students may declare up to two majors. This option must be requested by submitting a signed Major/Minor Declaration or Change Form along with an approved "Double Major Four-Year Plan". This is normally completed prior to enrollment in the student's final 45 credits.

In some cases students may need to enroll in more than 124 credits in order to satisfy the requirements of both majors.

Invalid Major & Major/Minor Combinations

No more than 50% of the credits required for a major may fulfill any other major or minor program requirements in which a student is enrolled, so some combinations of double majors are not allowed.  Academic Departments and Programs may also restrict certain major and/or minor combinations.

Check the following chart before submitting a Double Major Application


Double Degrees

Students who satisfactorily complete two majors in the same degree program (B.A., B.S., or B.S.B.A.) will receive one degree from the College,

If a student satisfactorily completes the requirements for two majors from different degree programs (B.A., B.S., or B.S.B.A.), whether before or after the student's official graduation, two degrees will be awarded and two diplomas will be issued.

Student's earning two degrees will be given the option of selecting which degree program they would like to proceed with at the Commencement ceremony.

Procedure for Declaring a Major and/or Concentration

  1. Complete the Major/Minor Declaration or Change Form below.
  2. Obtain the signature of the Department Chair or Program Director of the major you would like to add. (Note: If changing majors, you do not need the signature of the Department Chair of your old major.)
  3. If declaring a Double Major, an approved Four-Year Plan must also accompany the Declaration or Change or Major/concentration Form. 
  4. Sign the form and return it to the Registrar's Office, Duffy 112, for processing.
  5. You may also indicate a request for a new advisor on this form as well. If you do not indicate a preference an advisor will be assigned to you by the Office of Academic Services & Advising.

Additional Department Requirements for Declaring a Major

The Academic Departments below require that additional information be submitted with the Major/Minor Declaration or Change Form before approval will be granted.

Business Administration

All students wishing to declare a business major are required to attach a copy of their degree audit to the form.

Students wishing to transfer into Business from any Science or Liberal Arts major must receive the approval of John Duggan, the Business Department Chairperson.

Undeclared Business (UNB) students wishing to declare a specific Business area of concentration (ACC, FIN, INB, MNG or MKT) must receive the approval of that specific area's Program Director.


Students wishing to change from one declared Business area of concentration (ACC, FIN, INB, MNG or MKT), to another, are not required to receive Departmental approval, but are encouraged to speak with the relevant area Program Director.


  • See Jared Green, the English Department Chair for additional information.


  • See Margy Pierce, the Education Department Chair for additional information.

Major/Minor Declaration or Change Form