General Information

In the event of an emergency, contact campus police at 508-565-5555 if on campus, or call 911 if off campus.

How to Make an Appointment

To make an appointment at Health Services, please call 508-565-1307 during business hours (8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday). Please do not email individual clinicians or staff members to make an appointment. If this is an emergency, dial 911.

Medical Emergencies

If this is a medical emergency please call Campus Police at 508-565-5555 or the local police by dialing 911.

Location on Campus

Health Services is located in the Chapel Building at the south entrance.

Fees and Insurance

Stonehill student fees cover the cost of visits to Health Services. Students do not have to have the Stonehill College Health Insurance Plan to receive care at Health Services. Insurance is necessary for some laboratory tests ordered at Health Services, diagnostic studies, local walk-in clinic visits, ambulance transportation, emergency room visits and specialty medical provider referrals. These costs may be covered by the student’s own insurance carrier. All students need to understand how health insurance works. For additional information on insurance, see the Health Insurance section of our website.


All information a student shares in a medical visit and any information contained in a student’s record is considered confidential. This information will be released only with the written consent of the student or as required by law. On occasion, Health Services receives telephone calls from parents about student’s medical care. If the student is over 18 years of age, Health Services is unable to release any medical information to parents without the student’s explicit permission.

There may be times when transfer of medical care to another health care institution or organization is necessary. In order for medical information to be released, a written release must be signed by the requesting student.

Health Services respects and preserves the privacy and confidentiality of all students. Information whether written, spoken, recorded electronically or printed will receive the same level of protection.