Stonehill College offers flu vaccine clinics on campus each fall. Please see the flu clinic schedule below. If you are not able to get your flu vaccine at one of these clinics, we encourage you to get it at a local pharmacy or while home during October, Thanksgiving or Winter Break. 

Get Your Flu Shot!

Health Services has partnered with Osco Pharmacy to offer two on-campus flu clinics this fall:

Flu Clinic Information:

  • Date: Friday, September 22nd, Time: 1 PM -4 PM, Location: At Fresh Check Day on the Quad
  • Date: Tuesday, October 24th, Time: 10 AM - 4 PM, Location: Pettite Atrium in the Science Center

Registration information: Please click here to register.

  • If you are unable to make one of the on-campus clinics, you can book an individual appointment online for vaccination at one of the local pharmacies, including CVS at 555 Washington Street, Easton, which is walking distance from campus. Click here to book an appointment online at the CVS near campus.

Annual influenza vaccination is recommended for all persons age 6 months and older to decrease morbidity and mortality caused by influenza. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the overall burden of respiratory illnesses is important to protect vulnerable populations at risk for severe illness, the healthcare system, and other critical infrastructure. 

  • Different flu shots are approved for people of different ages. Individuals should get a vaccine that is appropriate for their age.

  • There are inactivated influenza vaccines that are approved for people as young as 6 months of age and some vaccines are only approved for adults.

  •  Children younger than 6 months of age are too young to get a flu shot.
  • People with severe, life-threatening allergies to flu vaccine or any ingredient in the vaccine. This might include gelatin or other ingredients.
  •  If you have one of the following conditions, talk with your health care provider to decide whether vaccination is right for you, and select the best vaccine for your situation:
    • If you have an allergy to eggs or any of the ingredients in the vaccine. Talk to your doctor about your allergy. See the CDC website for "Special Considerations Regarding Egg Allergy" for more information about egg allergies and flu vaccine.
    •  If you ever had Guillain-Barré Syndrome (a severe paralyzing illness, also called GBS). Some people with a history of GBS should not get a flu vaccine. Talk to your doctor about your GBS history.
    • If you are not feeling well, talk to your healthcare provider about your symptoms.

Once you've gotten your flu vaccine (or any other vaccine or booster), please upload the vaccination record to the Student Health Portal.

You must be logged in to your myHill account to access your personal health portal. 

What To Do If You Feel Sick

People who have the flu usually experience onset of symptoms very acutely. 

  •  Fever (above 100.4°F) or feeling feverish/chills

  •  Cough

  • Sore throat

  • Runny or stuffy nose

  • Muscle or body aches

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue (tiredness)

  •  Some may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults

Please note that symptoms of Influenza (Flu) are very similar to COVID-19 symptoms; therefore, it will be important to rule out COVID-19 if you become ill with these symptoms.

To learn more from the CDC on similarities and differences between Influenza (Flu) and COVID-19 please visit their website.

An appointment in Health Services during business hours (M-F, 8:30-4:30) if you are symptomatic can help assess whether you have flu or other illness. Call Health Services at 508-565-1307 to book an appointment or for advice for next steps. (Please note: the flu test is only sensitive if someone has symptoms.) 

Please try to call earlier in the day to book an appointment if you are requesting  a same day appointment or a specific appointment time.

Read Stonehill College Health Services discharge instructions and tips on managing your illness:

After Hours Medical Emergencies: 

Students who become acutely ill or injured outside the regular hours of service while on campus, should first speak with their Residence Assistant or the Area Coordinator/Residence Director on duty or call Campus Police directly at 508-565-5555.

Campus Police will assess the situation and transport —or contact an ambulance to transport — the student to Steward Healthcare/Good Samaritan Medical Center for treatment by the emergency room physicians if indicated. The hospital is located approximately three miles from campus.

For an off-campus emergency students should call 911.

After Hours Non-Emergency Medical Care:

For non-emergency medical care after hours or on weekends, Compass Medical Urgent Care Center and CareCentral Urgent Care are local available options for assessment. Please call to book an appointment.  

If assessed for Flu or COVID-19 like symptoms off campus and diagnosed with the Flu, COVID-19, or other illness please contact Health Services at 508-565-1307 to inform our office of your diagnosis so that we can capture Flu and COVID-19 activity on campus accurately and help you navigate being ill while at college. 

If you are running a fever, have a cough and/or sore throat you are encouraged, if possible, to go to your family home to recover or stay in your residence hall room and avoid contact with other people until you no longer have a fever for more than 24 hours. The following recommendations should help you care for yourself and contain the spread of the flu while recovering. If you have any questions or concerns, you may call Health Services for more information.

  • Stay home or in your residence room.
  •  Drink plenty of fluids such as water, juice, chicken broth.
  •  Wash your hands, cover your cough and sanitize your living space if you share a room with someone.
  • For more information about treatment for Flu, please see this website:

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