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Please review the following guidelines if you are interested in applying for a Student Research & Creative Projects Grant:

  • The Student Research & Creative Projects Grant Application must be filled and submitted by the student and with a sign-off by a faculty or staff mentor.
  • The maximum award per student each semester is $300. There is a $750 maximum per semester for three or more projects with a related theme under the guidance of a single faculty or staff mentor or team of faculty or staff mentors. If there are adequate funds available, a second application from a student or group of students will be considered, but a second award should not be considered automatic.
  • Signed, completed grant applications should be turned in to the office of the Associate Provost for Academic Achievement (Duffy 134) for consideration.
  • Students and their sponsors will be notified of the grant award status by email within two weeks after submission of the application.
Christina M. Burney

Christina M. Burney

Executive Director of Student Success
Duffy Academic Center 104
Career Development