If a student or faculty member feels the academic integrity policy has been violated, they should address the issue with the student and file an academic integrity report.

Please call our office at 508-565-1326 for guidance.

Our goals

1. All students are aware of the Academic Integrity Policy

Violations of the Academic Integrity Policy include but are not limited to the following actions:

a. Presenting another's work as if it were one's own;

b. Failing to acknowledge or document a source even if the action is unintended (i.e. plagiarism);

c. Giving or receiving, or attempting to give or receive, unauthorized assistance or information in an assignment or examination; 

d. Fabricating data;

e. Submitting the same assignment in two or more courses without prior permission of the respective instructors;

f. Having another person write a paper or sit for an examination;

g. Unauthorized use or electronic devices to complete work; or

h. Furnishing false information, including lying or fabricating excuses, for incomplete work.

2. All members of the Stonehill community know and adhere to the Academic Honor Code


In the context of a community of scholarship and faith, committed to fostering a culture where differences are affirmed and anchored in a belief in the inherent dignity of each person, the students, faculty, staff and administration of Stonehill College maintain an uncompromising commitment to academic integrity. We promote a climate of intellectual and ethical integrity and vigorously uphold the fundamental values of honesty, trust, fairness, and responsibility while fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect within and beyond the classroom. Any violation of these basic values threatens the integrity of the educational process, the development of ideas, and the unrestricted exchange of knowledge. Therefore, we will not participate in or tolerate academic dishonesty.