General FAQs

Bills for the fall semester are available online in early-July, and bills for the spring semester are available online in early December. Bills are generated in the student's name. Students and their assigned authorized users receive e-mails when bills are available online. Updated statements for all students are posted monthly. 

Funds from a 529 Plan must be sent to Stonehill by check. You cannot use a 529 Plan account to make online payments and/or to enroll in a monthly payment plan. If you attempt to pay online with a 529 account, your payment will be returned by the bank subjecting you to a returned payment fee.

After receiving the semester bill, contact your 529 plan administrator and request the amount you need for the semester. 

In order to avoid late fees and/or delays at the start of the semester, please allow adequate time for processing.  The 529 plan should make the check payable to Stonehill College, include the student's name and student ID number, and mail to

Student Accounts
Stonehill College
320 Washington St
Easton, MA  02357

Requests must be made online through myHill under Students/Finances. In the left column of the Financial Resources page, choose Manage My Credit Balance to request your refund.

Once all funds from financial aid sources have been received, a check will be mailed to your home address. Please note that requests can take two weeks for processing once all funds have been received. 

Typically half of each institutional and government award is credited to your account in each semester. The entire amount cannot be credited to one semester unless otherwise noted. In order to be credited to your account, all requested financial aid documents must be received, all awards must be accepted on myHill, myServices, My Financial Aid Award, and all loan paperwork must be completed.

State law requires that students taking nine or more credits in a semester carry health insurance and annually provide proof of such insurance to the College. Therefore, you have been charged a health insurance premium for the academic year and must complete and online waiver or acceptance of the insurance at .The insurance premium on your bill will be canceled ONLY if we receive electronic confirmation from Gallagher Student that the process is completed. The standard late fee is charged against the assessed insurance premium if the waiver process is not completed by the payment due date, regardless of whether or not the insurance is waived.

Funds can be added to the Hill Card in several ways. Students can bring cash or checks to Student Accounts in the Duffy Building, Room 103. Checks can be mailed to Student Accounts, indicating the student name, ID number and that funds are to be added to the Hill Card. Funds can be added online using a credit card at the following link.

As a supplement to our refund policy, Stonehill has partnered with Grad Guard to offer an optional tuition protection plan for those who withdraw for covered medical reasons. The deadline to enroll in this plan is the the day before classes start for the semester. Further details regarding this plan are available by clicking here.

If a situation arises where the College makes an adjustment to the total billed costs, institutional aid will be adjusted accordingly. Changes to institutional charges which would impact the total billed costs could include adjustments to tuition, room and board, and fees. If the adjustments cause total aid to exceed billed costs, a pro-ration of institutional aid would occur to reconcile the difference. For further questions, please contact the Student Financial Assistance Office at 508-565-1088 or


Undergraduate FAQs

Tuition for 12 to 17 credits per semester (1596 per credit): $ 47,808

Student Activity Fee: $200 per year

Room and Board with Meal Plan: $ 16,934

Room Guarantee Fee (resident students only):  $100

Bills for the fall semester are due August 1. Bills for the spring semester are due January 2.

All students with cars on campus must register their cars and purchase parking decals each year. You must register your car on myHill/Campus/myParking. Residents are charged $150 for the year, and commuters are charged $75 for the year. The charge for the decal will be assessed to your student tuition account. Failure to register your car and adhere the decal to the vehicle will result in parking violation charges.

The College offers both a 4 and 5 month payment plan each semester for a nominal fee. Please refer to our Undergraduate Payment Plan Page.

Yes. Please refer to our Prepaid Tuition Page.

An abroad fee of $750 per semester will be charged to students who choose to study away. This fee will be waived for students studying away for the fall 2021 semester. Since you will remain a Stonehill student while abroad, your other charges will equal those assessed for any Stonehill student. You will receive a bill from Stonehill, including your financial aid, and you must pay the balance due to Stonehill as you normally would.  

Graduate FAQs

Visit our Graduate & Professional Studies Tuition & Fees Page to learn more about Tuition Rates for each program.

Bills for the fall semester are due August 1. Bills for the spring semester are due January 2. And bills for the summer semester are due May 20.

All graduate students must register their vehicle and purchase parking decals each year before parking on campus. The cost for a decal is $30/semester. You can register for parking in the myHill portal. 

The College offers both a 3 month payment plan each semester for a nominal fee. Please refer to our Graduate Payment Plan Page.

Contact Information

Visit Student Accounts for information on student billing, tuition and fees, payment plans, and tax benefits of education.