Title IV financial aid may be used for allowable charges including tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board charges assessed by Stonehill College. Any Title IV funds awarded to a student in excess of these charges must be refunded to the student. However, with student authorization, Stonehill College can use the Title IV funds to pay for charges on the student’s account other than allowable charges or can hold the funds to pay for charges incurred in a future semester within the same academic year. These authorizations are voluntary and may be revoked at any time, although a cancelation is not retroactive.

What is a Title IV credit?

A Title IV credit balance occurs if your federal financial aid exceeds your charges for tuition, fees, university housing, and meal plans for a term.

Title IV financial aid programs include Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Federal Academic Competitiveness Grants, National SMART Grants, Federal Direct Student Loans, Federal PLUS Loans, and Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants.

Stonehill asks for authorization for two questions:     

  • I authorize Stonehill College to use Federal Title IV financial aid to pay any current term or future term charges within the current award year in addition to Tuition, Room and Board, such as parking violations, late fees, and Student Affairs’ fines.  Answer “YES” or “No”.
  • I authorize Stonehill College to use current year Federal Title IV financial aid to pay prior year charges not to exceed $200. Answer “Yes” or “No”.

How do I complete a credit authorization?


Students complete the credit authorizations through their myhill student portal.  These questions can be found at Finances > Financial Aid Award > Resources / Additional Information.


Parents can complete the form on our website.

Authorizations are voluntary and will remain in effect for the duration of your Stonehill education. You may rescind your authorization at any time by submitting a new authorization form, although cancelations are not retroactive.

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