• Be sure you are using the most current version of Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are using an earlier version of a browser, pages may not display correctly or you may be unable to complete certain tasks.
  • Prior to viewing a billing statement, please be sure to turn off your pop up blockers for this site.
  • Go to myHill, Student Home, MyBill. By going to myHill, you will not have to log in again to view your billing information.

If it has been a while since you last logged into www.stonehill.edu/paymentplan , your password may have expired.  If this is the case or you have forgotten your password,

  • Go to the site and click on Forgot your Password.
  • A temporary password will be emailed to you.
  • Close the browser you were using, wait 15 minutes or so, open a new browser, and log back in using your temporary password.
  • You will then be prompted to create a new password.

Students have access to the billing portal through their myHill accounts. Students wishing to add others to receive the billing emails or view activity may do so by following the steps here.

Funds from a 529 Plan must be sent to Stonehill by check.  You cannot use a 529 Plan account to make online payments and/or to enroll in a monthly payment plan. If you attempt to pay online with a 529 account, your payment will be returned by the bank subjecting you to a returned payment fee.

After receiving the semester bill, contact your 529 plan administrator and request the amount you need for the semester. 

In order to avoid late fees and/or delays at the start of the semester, please allow adequate time for processing. The 529 plan should make the check payable to Stonehill College, include the student's name and student ID number, and mail to

Student Accounts
Stonehill College
320 Washington St
Easton, MA  02357

You can use any personal checking or savings account. Do not enter other accounts, such as 529 plan or other investment accounts, corporate account numbers, credit cards, home equity, or traveler's checks.

Do not enter debit card numbers. Instead, enter the complete routing number and bank account number as found on a personal check.


If you have entered and saved your bank account previously, the system will not allow you to enter and save it again.  To find your previously saved method, click on the Select Method button on the payment page and choose the account you wish to use. 

The best way to see how a previous credit balance has been applied to your new semester charges is to view the first bill for the semester, either July for fall or December for spring.  You will see the credit balance being applied as a Previous Billed Balance.  A credit will be a negative amount. 

  • Log in to the billing site and click on the View button in the Statements section.
  • Use the drop down arrow to select a statement date and click View
  • Log in to the billing site and click on the My Account tab, then Current Activity.
  • Select a semester to view and click on PDF to get a printable copy with the Stonehill seal.  To print activity for all years with the seal, click on PDF All.

This can be done to change a scheduled credit card payment to an electronic check payment.  It cannot be used to change electronic check to credit card.

  • Log in as the person who created the payment plan, either student or authorized user.
  • Under My Profile Setup, choose Payment Profile
  • Add a new payment method, name and save it
  • Under Scheduled payments, choose action button on the right of each payment to edit
  • Next to Method:  click on drop down arrow to find the name of the payment method saved above, select it, and save          
  • Repeat the above step for each of the remaining payments.

Contact Information

Visit Student Accounts for information on student billing, tuition and fees, payment plans, and tax benefits of education.