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MacPhaidin Library

Stonehill College offers students and faculty a wide variety of resources, services, and spaces where teaching, learning and research thrive.  The College curates collections and develops spaces throughout the campus to meet specific needs of faculty and students to engage students in a rigorous academic programs and develop life-long learners.  

Stonehill College’s investment in space and resources extend beyond the core collection house in the MacPháidín Library building.

Collections, resources, and study areas are located in eight spaces across the campus. 

MacPháidín Library houses the main collection including Irish Government Documents and Parlimentary papers. Books, journals, films and music are available in print and online.  The space includes a café, group study rooms, a classroom and the Center for Writing and Academic Achievement (third floor).

Cushing Martin houses the college's industrial collections including a permanent exhibition of Ames shovels, and a gallery space with rotating exhibits.

The Martin Institute houses the main offices of the Archives and a reading room for researcher visits.  

The CTL library is housed in the Center for Teaching and Learning which is located in Duffy 114.

Career Services also has a library which is located in the Kruse Center in Cushing Martin.

The Office of Intercultural Affairs library is located within their office in Duffy 149.

The Mary Joan Glynn Irish Studies Library is a collection of donated books available to the Stonehill Community. This library is housed in Donahue Hall.

The "Sem" Library is a study space for students living in the dorm at Holy Cross Center.