Computer Use Policy

Use of the Library's Public Access Computers

  1. The library's public access computers are provided for the use of Stonehill College's students, faculty and staff. Library patrons may be asked to display their college ID cards or other identification when using the computers.
  2. The library supports and adheres to the access policies outlined in Instructions to Depository Libraries, Chapter 7: Public Service. It states "identification may be requested of patrons, but cannot be required to use depository materials." This policy extends to all library patrons who wish to use the Government Documents computer workstation.
  3. Stonehill students have first priority in using all of the library's resources. People not affiliated with the college may use the reference computers provided that Stonehill students, faculty or staff do not need them.
  4. The reference computers are provided for research purposes. Students should use the 3rd floor computer lab for e-mail and other activities on their network accounts.

Privacy and Etiquette

  1. In using our equipment you are agreeing to accept and abide by the college's Network Use Policy, available on the home page of the Information Technology department and at the library circulation desk.
  2. Internet browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer automatically record the URL when a web site is visited. Therefore, it is possible for other library patrons to identify the results of previous searches and the sites visited from a given computer. In addition, library staff may identify these sites during routine maintenance on the equipment.
  3. The library computers are college property located in a public space and their screens may be observed by library staff, other members of the college community or campus visitors. Users should refrain from visiting explicitly pornographic web sites, chat rooms, etc.