• Ames Mansions of Easton Exhibit: Donahue Hall is one of eleven mansions in Easton built by Ames family members. Highlighting all eleven mansions, the exhibit opening and reception is Friday, September 12, 2014 from 4:00pm-6:00pm in the Archives gallery space across from the Carole Calo Gallery in Cushing-Martin Hall.
  • Introducing Kanopy Streaming: Welcome to one of the most diverse and unique selections of educational streaming video content!
  • Streaming Media & eBooks in eLearn: Best practices for linking to Library electronic materials in your eLearn course sites.
  • Using Lexis Nexis: Last year, the Library switched from WestLaw to Lexis Nexis as its content provider for many legal, business, and news resources.


For Faculty interested in having librarians teach information fluency sessions in the DisCo:

  • Visit our website to learn more about the DisCo
  • Visit our Classroom Policies Libguides page to learn more about using the space
  • Visit our Teaching Templates Libguides page to see examples of interactive class sessions
  • For additional information on the technology in the classroom, including instructions for its use, visit the Flynn DisCo LibGuide.
  • The LibGuide will continue to be updated as we receive feedback and determine additional applications for the classroom technology.

For Students interested in using the Flynn DisCo:

  • Visit our website to learn more about the DisCo
  • Visit the Flynn DisCo Libguide for instructions on using the technology for group work and studying


  • Did you Know? The Library maintains a leisure collection for recreational reading; leisure reading books can be found in MacPhaidin Library (titles are checked out for 30 days) and in Donahue Irish Library as a free library collection. Our leisure collection is built primarily by gifts of books from faculty, staff, and alumni. Thank you! If you have a title you'd like to donate, contact Liz Chase.
  • Looking for a computer? If you are looking for a Library computer to use, or for a quieter location than the collaborative space on the 1st floor, visit the 3rd Floor Computer Lab in Room 313. Desktop computers are equipped with all standard software, including SPSS.
  • Faculty publications: If you are a faculty member with a recent publication, we encourage you to submit your publication information to Liz Chase so that we may include your news in our Library Newsletter.