Wednesday, September 24TH, 2014

Current Stories

  • Take Advantage of Our Online Appointment Scheduling!  From a first-year student: "I had a paper I needed to write for Chemistry, and needed a formal lab report for it. Online, the majority of the articles I looked at wanted me to buy them. Turns out the Library has a subscription to the website I was trying to use. The librarian showed this to me in a matter of five minutes. So I basically spent two hours trying to find a report when the library had the exact same thing for free." Don't spend hours searching for materials that we can show you how to find in minutes! The Library has a service called LibCal, where you can book one-on-one appointments with us for research assistance.
  • Making the Most of Academic Search Complete: With Academic Search Complete, the Stonehill community has access to over 9,000 full-text journals, nearly 4,000 of which are new, peer-reviewed full-text titles. Our full-text coverage increases by about 48% with this upgrade.
  • Faculty Book Launch with Katie Currul-Dykeman, October 6th: Join us on Monday, October 6th, at 4pm in the MacPhaidin Library for the academic year’s first Faculty Book Launch event. Katie Currul-Dykeman will discuss her new book, Domestic Violence Case Processing: A Serious Crime or a Waste of Precious Time?

Additional News 

  • Robert Carver, Professor of Business Administration, has recently published a revised and expanded edition of his book, Practical Data Analysis with JM. Read more here.
  • Faculty publications: If you are a faculty member with a recent publication, we encourage you to submit your publication information to Liz Chase so that we may include your news in our Library Newsletter. 
  • "My laptop completely crashed" From one of our students: "My laptop completely crashed, I was not able to recover any of my papers, and unfortunately I had a paper due next week that was on that laptop. The problem is that if I'd actually listened to my FYE teacher when she went over backing up papers in the Cloud, I'd still have that paper and wouldn't have had to write it again." Sound familiar? Don't lose your work! Visit the IT Knowledgebase and look under "File Storage For Students" for instructions on downloading Microsoft OneDrive to save your work to the Cloud.
  • Library Instruction: Librarians are available to teach Information Fluency sessions in our new Flynn DisCo, or in your regular classroom; however, sessions are currently at capacity during peak times. We are now booking for the week of October 13th, with limited time slots available during the next two weeks.  To guarantee a particular date and time for your session, please email or call 508.565.1203.
  • Active Learning Technologies Reading Group: In conjunction with the launch of the Flynn DisCo, we are organizing an informal reading group to talk about active learning technologies.  Open to faculty and librarians, the group will meet monthly to discuss a variety of technological tools and how they can be used to better engage students in the classroom.  More details will be announced soon.  Contact Trish McPherson with any questions or suggestions.
  • Did you Know? The Library maintains a leisure collection for recreational reading; leisure reading books can be found in MacPhaidin Library (titles are checked out for 30 days) and in Donahue Irish Library as a free library collection. Our leisure collection is built primarily by gifts of books from faculty, staff, and alumni. Thank you! If you have a title you'd like to donate, contact Liz Chase.
  • Blog Stories: Do you have other stories you'd like to see featured on our Library Blog? If you have ideas for stories, links to pertinent articles, or other resources you’d like to see featured on our website, please email Liz Chase.
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