Library Newsletter - October 22, 2014



  • Get to Know SciFinder Scholar SciFinder scholar is a powerful tool which connects you with the great minds in chemistry. Learn how to take full advantage of this excellent resource.
  • MLA Tutorial: Subject vs. Keyword searching The Modern Language Association has started to create videos to help users navigate their database. Click here to watch a video about the difference between keyword and subject searching in the MLA International Bibliography.
  • Take Advantage of Our Online Appointment Scheduling! From a first-year student: “I had a paper I needed to write for Chemistry, and needed a formal lab report for it. Online, the majority of the articles I looked at wanted me to buy them. Turns out the Library has a subscription to the website I was trying to use. The librarian showed this to me in a matter of five minutes. So I basically spent two hours trying to find a report when the library had the exact same thing for free.” Don’t spend hours searching for materials that we can show you how to find in minutes!


  • Academic Development Day Guide: Interested in reading more about creativity across the disciplines? The CTL and the Library have collected many useful links to videos, articles, and other resources, here.
  • Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art  This book was recommended by Shane Savage-Rumbaugh during Academic Development Day. You can read more about it herewatch Scott McCloud's Ted Talk, or check out the book from the library.
  • Marlene Benjamin, Associate Professor Emerita, has recently published “The Disordered Self: Philosophy, Memoir, and Madness,” in Rethinking Madness: Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Reflections, Edited by Gonzalo Araoz, Fatima Alves and Katrina Jaworski. Read more here.
  • Faculty publications: If you are a faculty member with a recent publication, we encourage you to submit your publication information to Liz Chase so that we may include your news in our Library Newsletter. 
  • Active Learning Technologies Reading GroupIn conjunction with the launch of the Flynn DisCo, we have organized an informal reading group to talk about active learning technologies.  Open to faculty and librarians, first meeting will take place on October 31st at 2pm, and our discussion will focus on "Why Active Learning?" Read more here.  Contact Trish McPherson with any questions or suggestions.
  • Blog Stories: Do you have other stories you'd like to see featured on our Library Blog? If you have ideas for stories, links to pertinent articles, or other resources you’d like to see featured on our website, please email Liz Chase.
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