Library Newsletter - November 5, 2014



  • Get to know AskUs, the Library Knowledgebase Looking for help when the library is closed or when you can’t make it over in person? Try AskUs! And remember that you can always make a one-on-one research appointment here, and if you're a first year student, your research appointment counts as a Passport Program event. Read more below.
  • Happening now: Kanopy Film Festival This free online film festival is open to all libraries and their campuses to celebrate the Charleston Conference. The Festival showcases over 120 new and award-winning films selected from 16 leading producers, and runs from November 5th to November 21st.
  • Read about the Stone Hill House Tour The role of Stone Hill House in Stonehill College's history was the subject of a recent tour led by Associate Dean Emeritus Dick Grant and Assistant Archivist Jonathan Green. On October 17, Grant and Green met a group of Stonehill students, faculty, and staff in front of New Hall for the hour-long tour.
  • Abraham Lincoln's Reelection “Defeating Lincoln for re-election was the Confederacy’s last, best hope,” says Professor of History John Rodrigue; but Lincoln was successfully relected during the Civil War on Tuesday, November 8, 1864. 
  • Veterans Day: The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of Eleventh Month of 1918 Veterans Day as we know it was originally designated by President Wilson as Armistice Day in 1919. Whether you are a researcher or you enjoy reading about history, for Systems Technician Katie Brenner, one book comes to mind when thinking about Veterans Day: Unbroken.


  • FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: VISIT THE LIBRARY AS A PASSPORT PROGRAM EVENT!! Still looking for Passport events for your First Year Experience course? A one-on-one research appointment with the Library counts towards the program and can help you complete your research faster and more effectively! Sign up hereFrom a first-year student: “I had a paper I needed to write for Chemistry, and needed a formal lab report for it. Online, the majority of the articles I looked at wanted me to buy them. Turns out the Library has a subscription to the website I was trying to use. The librarian showed this to me in a matter of five minutes. So I basically spent two hours trying to find a report when the library had the exact same thing for free.” Don’t spend hours searching for materials that we can show you how to find in minutes!
  • Library Hours Extended: Thanks to communciation between the Library and the Student Senate, and hard work on the part of the Library's Circulation Staff to make it possible, the Library's Saturday and Sunday hours have been extended! The Library will now open at 10am on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Visit the CWAA: Don’t forget, skilled peer tutors are available to assist you with course content and writing assignments. Access the CWAA drop-in schedule here
  • Stonehill Faculty Embrace Innovative Learning: The October 27th Monday Morning Update featured a story on Faculty use of the Flynn DisCo. Read more here about Maureen Boyle's and Todd Gernes's experiences teaching in the space.
  • Active Learning Technologies Reading Group: In conjunction with the launch of the Flynn DisCo, we have organized an informal reading group to talk about active learning technologies. Our first meeting took place October 31st, and we started with the question "Why Active Learning?" Our second meeting is tentatively scheduled for Reading Day, December 11th. More information will be added to the website soon, and all interested Faculty and Staff are welcome to attend. Contact Trish McPherson with any questions.
  • The Summit is 65! This year, The Summit turns 65 and to celebrate, Director of Archives Nicole Casper has curated an exhibit of materials from The Summit's history, on display on the first floor as you enter the MacPhaidin Library.
  • Faculty Book Talks: On Monday, November 3rd, Professor of Business Administration, Robert Carver, gave a talk on the revised and expanded edition of his book, Practical Data Analysis with JMP. Read more here. On Tuesday, November 18th, at 4pm in the Library, Professor of Philosophy Richard Capobianco will give a talk on his new book, Heidegger's Way of Being.
  • Faculty publications: If you are a faculty member with a recent publication, we encourage you to submit your publication information to Liz Chase so that we may include your news in our Library Newsletter.
  • Blog Stories: Do you have other stories you'd like to see featured on our Library Blog? If you have ideas for stories, links to pertinent articles, or other resources you’d like to see featured on our website, please email Liz Chase.
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