Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This is the Library’s final newsletter for the 2014-2015 academic year. The Library staff congratulates the Class of 2015: we wish you all the best!

Current Stories

This week, we’re featuring our students! Read the stories below to hear about students’ experiences working in and with the Library and Archives.

Additional News

  • Summer Access to the New York Times: Before leaving our campus WiFi for the summer, go and set up your full access to the online NY Times. Once you’ve set up your AcademicPass while on HillSpot, you’ll have full access to the NY Times wherever your summer travels take you!
  • Academic Development Week: This year, the CTL has expanded Academic Development Day into a full week of programming, in order to provide more opportunities and flexibility to faculty. There’s still time to register on the CTL’s website!
  • SURE Students and Faculty: We’re here to help! The Library is open during the summer and happy to assist with any research needs for your SURE summer project. Visit us at the reference desk,, or call 508-565-1203 for assistance.
  • Poetry Madness: Thank you to all who participated in National Poetry Month and the Library's 'Poetry Madness.' The runaway winner was an original poem by a student: "Notice Me." Congrats!
  • “My dad tried social media, hilarity ensued”: This BuzzFeed article on introducing your parents to social media had the librarians laughing, and it introduced us to Periscope, a new (to us) social media app.
  • Leisure Reading: Once finals and grading are behind you (or if you’re procrastinating), we have plenty of leisure reading to keep you occupied!
  • Don't forget to return your books! As the semester winds down, be sure to check for any library or Interlibrary loan books, videos, or CDs you need to return before heading out! 
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