Library Newsletter

Library Newsletter – October 9, 2019


Featured Stories:

  • Fred Moten is the 2019 Chet Raymo Literary Series Speaker: On Wednesday, October 16th, the Chet Raymo Literary Series will feature poet and scholar Fred Moten. Dr. Moten is a Professor in the Department of Performance Studies, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, where he teaches courses and conducts research in black studies, performance studies, poetics and critical theory.
  • Monday, October 14 – Columbus or Indigenous Peoples’ Day? The first national observance of Columbus Day occurred in 1934, following a declaration from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The 1977 United Nations International Conference on Discrimination against Indigenous Populations in the Americas marked the first introduction of a proposal for the holiday to be replaced with Indigenous Peoples’ Day.
  • Stonehill Staff Volunteer at Puppy Therapy in the MacPhaidin Library: Over the past year, several Stonehill staff members volunteered in the MacPhaidin Library during scheduled Puppy Therapy dates and times. Katie Brenner, Rose Litwinczuk, and Kim Pierce bring their dogs to visit with Stonehill students and offer much needed stress relief. 
  • Fall 2019 CWAA Services: Peer-tutoring is available at the Center for Writing and Academic and Achievement (CWAA). Have a quick question or need guidance on a specific subject or writing?  No appointment necessary and no pressure.  Stop by the CWAA (MacPhaidin Library 314) today!


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

  • Bias Makes Students Think about the Impact of Their Implicit Bias: Our unconscious bias, also called implicit bias, is ingrained. Robin Hauser, the director of the documentary Bias, wanted to explore the nature of our unconscious bias and how it affects our actions, feelings, and relationships. In short, she hoped to learn if we “de-bias our brains.”


Additional Features:

  • Fall Break Hours: The MacPhaidin Library will have abbreviated hours during fall break. We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing fall break!
  • National Voter Registration Day Recap: Forty-five Stonehill students registered to vote in the library on National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday, September 24th. These students are prepared not only for the Presidential Election in 2020, but for the presidential primaries or caucuses in their states, which will occur between February and March 2020 – and other elections taking place on November 5th this year.
  • Book a Research Consultation with a Librarian: Librarians can help at any stage of the research process. Book a one-on-on appointment with a librarian for help.
  • Book Ribbon: Scroll to the bottom of the library website to view a selection of books regarding presidential impeachment.
  • Need to Write a Citation? The library has a comprehensive Citations LibGuide to assist you with a variety of commonly used citation styles.
  • New Chargers Available in the Library: Next time you are at the library and find yourself with a low cell phone battery, come to The Desk to borrow one of our new chargers. While they may look like pop tarts in a toaster, they are actually portable chargers that you can take with you anywhere in the building, no need to find a study spot near an outlet!  We have several chargers that are compatible with either Apple, micro USB, or USB-C devices.  We still have an array of laptop chargers, HDMI cords, and adapters should you need them while studying in the library.
  • Puzzles in the Library: The library has a jigsaw puzzle located in the south end. Stop by for a challenge and a few minutes of relaxation!
  • Puppy Therapy: Additional dates and times are posted on the Puppy Therapy calendar.  Visit the first floor of the library adjacent to Ace’s Place for stress relief with a dog!
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