Information Systems & Services

The Information Systems and Services Team which is comprised of the Cataloging and Metadata group,  the Collections and Acquisitions group and the Systems group is located in various offices on the second floor of MacPhaidin Library.  

The Cataloging  and Metadata group maintains Hillsearch and the Classic Catalog of the MacPhaidin Library.  It is here that you will search to find out what materials are available in the library. These materials include books, DVDs, musical CDs as well as Electronic Journals, Electronic Books and Streaming Videos available through the Internet.

Recently acquired books are shelved on the two book shelves, just inside the entrance to the MacPhaidin Library. If you need assistance finding a book, please ask at The Desk on the first floor of the library.

The Collections and Acquisitions group purchases materials for the library including the books, DVDs, musical CDs as well as Electronic Books. Our selections are guided by a close adherence to the curriculum of the College, and our primary focus is to meeting the educational needs of the students. Click here for our Collection Development policies.