Library Administration

The library's administrative departments include the Director's Office and the Systems group.

The Library Director oversees all of the library's activities. The Director's Office is located on the second floor of the MacPháidín Library (Room 201). Please call 508-565-1111 for an appointment.

Cheryl McGrath

Cheryl McGrath

Library Director

Phone: 508-565-1111
E-mail: Cheryl McGrath



Systems Department

The Systems Department is responsible for all computer equipment within the MacPháidín Library. We currently have approximately 74 PC's in three lab areas and 4 laser printers.

For questions, comments or suggestions regarding technology in the library please contact:

Systems Staff

Head of Library Systems:
Jennifer Macaulay
Phone: 508-565-1238
E-mail: Jennifer Macaulay


Library Systems Technician:
Katie Brenner
Phone: 508-565-1213
E-mail: Katie Brenner