FOCA Student Leadership Award

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The Faculty of Color Association (FOCA) Student Leadership Award will be awarded annually to a student (or students) of color with financial need who have demonstrated leadership or contributed to diversity and inclusion efforts on campus.

FOCA Student Leadership Award Recipients

Award Details

* January 19: Nominations Due
* Award recipients will be notified the week of February 12 and awardees will be celebrated at the February 23 Student of Color Empowerment Dinner.
* Evidence of student’s leadership or contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts may include a brief personal statement (1000 words or less), letters of recommendation, community testimonials, media coverage, and much more.

Please note: Any student who is awarded $600 or more through the College in a given year will receive a 1099 form at year's end that they will be responsible for claiming on their taxes. Students may apply every year, but priority will be given to students who have never won the award.

Application and nomination information is listed below.

Nomination Process

Nomination Details

All Stonehill faculty, staff, alumni, Community-Based Learning partners, and student employers are eligible to nominate current Stonehill students. Eligible students may also self-nominate, and there is no limit to the number of nominations a single student can receive.

Nominations are due January 19.

Faculty of Color Association

The Stonehill Faculty of Color Association (FOCA) is an empowerment, support, and advocacy group composed of volunteer, self-identifying faculty members of color. FOCA strives to create a social and academic environment for faculty, students, and staff of color to be heard, understood and supported, to implement sustainable institutional structures of accountability for the equitable treatment of faculty, students, and staff of color, and to coordinate, in partnership with relevant leadership and organizations on campus, activities, events, and support structures for the benefit of students of color.

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