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2022-2023 Academic Year Recipient

Sade Ratliff '23
Sadé Ratliff

Scholar Name: Sadé Ratliff

Class: 2023

Field of Study: Black Studies

Award Recipient Background

Sadé Ratliff is a founding member of Students in Action (SIA), through which she co-hosted racial justice processing spaces for students and community members of color. Through SIA, she also co-organized the Fall 2021 sit-in for greater racial diversity, equity, and inclusion, which drew more than 500 community members together. Ratliff has additionally volunteered with the Afro-Caribbean Club, Black Student Union, R.I.S.E., Ruckus, MATU, and many other student organizations, and served as SGA Executive Diversity Chair and SGA Executive Vice President. For her service at Stonehill, she has received a Community Engagement Award. 

Beyond Stonehill, Ratliff has held several impactful positions, including Media and Communication Intern for the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, Legislative Aide for Justice4Housing, Writing and Communications Intern for Pay our Interns, Field Organizer and Youth Advisory Councilmember for Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, and Campaign Fellow for Ed Markey. She is the recipient of Campus Compact’s Newman Civic Fellowship. 

Through her academic and professional endeavors, Ratliff has lobbied for housing and incarceration legislation, education policy for Black students, job training for Black communities, domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, intern rights, and pandemic relief efforts. She is completing a Black Studies major of her own design that bridges her scholarly and activist efforts toward social justice. Ratliff is a visionary and compassionate leader whose extraordinary service record sets a new bar for our community.  

A Q and A with Sadé Ratliff '23

Why did you choose to enroll at Stonehill College?

Enrolling at Stonehill College for me was mainly a financial decision. When I deposited at Stonehill College I had toured once. During my tour, I did not see any students or faculty of color and felt as though it was a warm but foreign environment. However, it presented itself as the best financial decision for me to pursue higher education.

What are some of your proudest moments at Stonehill, as well as some your greatest challenges during your time here?

My proudest moments at Stonehill have been the formation of the Students In Action group, Culture Camp retreat for BIPOC students, PUSHOUT: The Criminalization of Black Girls in School Panelist Series, my tenure in the Student Government Association Executive Board, the Newman Civic Fellowship, and my classes. My premiere factor of my Stonehill experience has been my academic journey and the creation of my own Interdisciplinary Black Studies major. In building and pursuing this major I have reignited my love of learning and hunger for knowledge. My academics have allowed me to explore my personal and social identities and educate others about restorative justice.

How has mentorship played a role in your Stonehill journey – both a mentee and a mentor?

Mentorship has allowed me to make the most of my journey at Stonehill. Mentorship relationships have been integral in my development professionally, academically, and personally. My first mentor at Stonehill was the dean of my school. My dean encouraged me to explore my academic tracts, held my hand as I probed questions of identity and status, he recommended me for internships, and helped me hone my voice on campus. Once he moved on from Stonehill I realized how impactful he had been and began securing other mentors who have since helped me win dozens of awards, internships, and speaking opportunities.

What are your professional goals and aspirations?

In the future, I am seeking to further my studies. Before going to graduate school or the workforce, however, I will be satiating my want for travel. The COVID-19 pandemic stifled most abroad opportunities for university students. I plan to apply to Peace Corps and Fulbright programs to continue my civic service while broadening my global perspective.

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Stonehill Senior Honored by Faculty of Color Association

Sadé Ratliff ’23 has been recognized for her commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.  

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