Transferring Credits to Stonehill College

Stonehill will accept up to 62 transfer credits from accredited two year or four year institutions. An overall maximum of 62 credits may be transferred toward a bachelor’s degree from a combination of credit sources. No more than half of the credits needed to graduate in your major may transfer. Courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis, so you may have taken individual courses that may not be accepted. Transfer applicants receive a preliminary transfer credit evaluation at the time they are admitted these credits will be finalized with an advisor in the Office of Academic Services & Advising at the time of enrollment.

Courses must meet the following requirements to qualify for transfer credit:

  • The course must be similar in content and scope to a course offered at Stonehill
  • The course must be at least three credits
  • You must receive a grade of “C” or 2.0 (or above) for the course to transfer
  • The course must be listed on an official transcript
  • Please note that only one math course below pre-calculus will be accepted for transfer credit

Do I need a particular number of credits to transfer?
Do I need to complete an associate’s degree?

No. Stonehill considers all students who have graduated from high school and have completed at least one course of post-secondary work a transfer student.  There is no minimum number of credits you need to take to be considered a transfer student.  You can transfer at any time in your post-secondary education and you do not need to complete an associate s degree to transfer.  For some majors such as education, it is preferable if you transfer after your first year at another college due to the content of our education courses and the restrictions of the Massachusetts licensure process. Please note that that students are not eligible to transfer into our 3+2 engineering program.

Can I transfer in credits for all of my general education requirements at Stonehill?

You can transfer in courses that satisfy most of Stonehill’s Cornerstone Program (General Education) first year requirements—one course each in history, English literature, philosophy, and religion and two semesters of a foreign language, but few of the second year general education requirements easily transfer in. Usually the five Cornerstone courses taken in the second year must be taken at Stonehill – we have a unique “Learning Community” requirement which is typically a three-course sequence taken by the same students, and one survey course in both a social science and the history of science.

What is Stonehill’s math requirement?

All students at Stonehill must take one statistics course before they graduate. The College offers different statistics courses depending on a student’s major. You can check our online catalog to see the specific statistics requirements for your major. Some majors have additional math requirements in addition to the statistics course. For specific statistics requirements for different majors please consult the listing of Statistics courses in the Cornerstone Program description.

What is the best format for submitting course descriptions?

Most transfer students submit course descriptions by going to their college’s online catalog and cutting and pasting course descriptions into a Word document. It is helpful if you put your name at the top of this document, list the name of the college from which you are transferring courses and paste in the course descriptions by the semester in which you took them. When you have completed the form you can send it to the Office of Admission, 320 Washington Street, Easton, MA 02357 or email it to Joanne Moyer, Admission Coordinator, at

Does my grade point average from my previous institution transfer?

No. We transfer courses and credits, but we do not transfer your grades. Your Stonehill grade point average will be only for the courses you complete at Stonehill.

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