Arts & Visual Culture Major – Visual Studies Concentration

The arts and visual culture major with a concentration in visual studies encourages students to study visual products from past and present. Ranging from paintings, sculpture and architecture to film and mass media, these objects represent the scope of human visual production from around the world and from throughout history.


Visionary Vistas

Each fall, students curate an exhibition of the professional artists’ work in the Carole Calo Gallery on campus. The eagerness, attentiveness and professionalism of the eight student-curators of Visionary Vistas are evident in this compelling exhibit


The visual studies student learns to critically engage with these forms and to understand them as a window into discussions about identity, society and the formation of values. Visual studies bridges the world between multiple traditional academic disciplines with a focus on the theory, history and cultural implications of visual culture. Students will take classes in art history, communication, cinema studies, critical theory, American studies, gender & sexuality studies, and English, among others.

Students in this concentration are interested in critical theory and how that might apply to a professional career where disciplinary overlap and a broad knowledge-base is essential. Future career opportunities could include curatorial work, non-profit and arts administration, or entrepreneurial creative fields. 

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