Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems minor emphasizes the use of a computer as a managerial productivity tool and/or a resource of an organization in a systems setting.

This minor is designed to allow students, regardless of discipline, to understand core computer concepts and decision support tools that complement their understanding of their own major field to apply computer-related decision concepts to that field.

This program does not require a detailed knowledge of the internal workings of the computer, nor is extensive computer programming required. Students in the sciences or liberal arts also are encouraged to pursue this minor. However, some additional background may be required.

Skills Background

Basic information technology and computer literacy skills are assumed as part of this program foundation. Should a student feel that these might not be a part of her background, they can be achieved in a variety of settings here at Stonehill or other locations. Students should contact their academic advisor or the program director for assistance in assessing individual background needs.

"I genuinely feel that with the MIS minor I will be a strong competitor both in the job market and in the workforce. Through these courses and internships I’ve continuously been inspired by the assertion that technology has the power to change businesses and, in turn, individuals’ lives."
Sean Leonard ’17

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