Final Exam Schedule

Please contact Julie Murteira at or ext.1104 with any questions about the final exam schedule.

Students with Conflicts

Final Exams are scheduled using a grid which minimizes time and classroom conflicts and attempts to minimize the chance of students having three exams scheduled in the same day. Some students may still have three exams on the same day.

Students with conflicts should first try to work it out with the course instructor. If a resolution cannot be reached, then the next step is to contact the Office of Academic Services & Advising at 508-565-1306 or by visiting their office in Duffy Academic Center, room 104.

Form to Omit the Final Exam

If a faculty member wishes to omit the conventional 2-hour final examination, in favor of a paper, project or take home exam, he/she should first receive approval from his/her Department Chairperson, then submit the on-line Final Exam Omission Form.