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Stonehill College provides a broad and competitive range of benefits in order to promote the health and general well-being of its workforce. As an employee you can take advantage of these benefits and opportunities which will add to the quality of your life. Below is a summary of what we offer. If you have questions please contact your area Generalist. If you have general benefits questions you can also send an email.

FY 2016 Open Enrollment Newsletter

Tufts PPO

This plan gives employees the freedom to receive covered health care and pharmaceutical services from providers in or out of the Tufts Health Plan network. However, employees will receive a higher number of benefits where care is given from a provider in our network. Tufts Health Plan offers an extensive network of approximately 22,000 providers and 85 hospitals.

Tufts HMO

This plan offers quality coverage for your health care needs, while keeping your out of pocket costs to a minimum. In general, preventive and medically necessary health care and pharmaceutical services and supplies are covered when they are provided or authorized by your network primary care physician (PCP). Certain services, however, like routine OB/GYN, Routine Mammograms and Emergency care in an emergency room do not require approval by your PCP and most co-pays and premiums are more affordable with the HMO Plan.

EyeMed Vision Care

This comprehensive vision program offers generous benefits for office visits, lenses, contact lenses, frames and more.  It provides the freedom to choose from an extensive network of private practice optometrists, ophthalmologists, or opticians, or from the nation's top optical retailers, including LensCrafters, Pearl Vision Centers, Sears Optical, Target Optical, and JC Penney Optical.

Additional optional insurance can be purchased for EyeMed's Select Vision Care Program. 

Ray-ban Sun Vision Perk Information.

Delta Dental

The Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier program combines two of Delta Dental's national networks, Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier, giving you access to dentists that participate in both. You'll receive the greatest value when you visit a Delta Dental PPO dentist because they generally accept lower fees for their services.  And if you choose to visit a dentist who participates in the Delta Dental Premier network, you'll also enjoy savings. (Dependents are eligible until age 19 and full-time students are eligible until age 23). Over 96% of the state's dentists are covered under this plan.


COBRA is a continuation coverage, which is a temporary extension of coverage under one or more of the Plans. COBRA continuation coverage generally last for up to a total of 18 months. At Stonehill College, COBRA protection extends to these healthcare plans: Stonehill College Major Medical Plan, Stonehill College Dental Plan, Stonehill College Flexible Benefits Plan (med-Cap feature).

Flexible Spending

This is a self-service plan. There are two types of Flexible Spending Accounts: Medical Care Assistance Plan This voluntary plan allows you to elect to save pre-tax dollars in a reimbursement account during the Plan Year which you may spend for qualified un-reimbursed medical and dental expenses incurred by you, your spouse or your dependents during a Plan Year Coverage Period. Dependent Care Assistance Plan This voluntary plan allows you to elect to save pre-tax dollars duringthe Plan Year in a reimbursement account which you may spend for certain dependent care expenses during a Plan Year Coverage Period.

Life Insurance

This is a no cost to you Stonehill benefit offered through Lincoln Financial Group.

Long-Term Disability

This is a no cost to you Stonehill benefit through Lincoln Financial Group. There is a 120 day waiting period and eligible employees receive 66.66% of their base salary should they become fully disabled and unable to work.


Through Aflac you may obtain Short Term Disability, Accident Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance, and Supplemental Dental Insurance at group rate premiums.

National Health Reform

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