Acknowledgement Form

Once you have reviewed the new hire documents (see below) and other information provided on this page, use the acknowledgement form to verify your receipt of this information. Then you should also submit the Emergency Contact Form, and, if you would like to, the Voluntary Self-Identification online forms.

Dependent Verification Form

Complete this form once you have received your Stonehill ID, username, password, and email address. This form is not accessible by individuals unless logged in with their Stonehill username and password.

Emergency Contact Form

Use this form to provide information on who you would like the College to contact in case of an emergency.

Voluntary Self-Identification Form

Self-identification is a voluntary and confidential reporting of one's status as a member of a protected class under the law. 

Important Information to Review

documents New Hire Documents Benefits Employee Benefits
College History College History Resources On-Campus Resources
Sustain Sustainability Initiatives Safety Preparedness & Safety

Select Policy Review

As part of the New Hire On-boarding Process, please review the following policies.  The policies may be accessed via the online policy manual.

  • E1.2       Whistleblower 
  • E1.5       Conflict of Interest 
  • E1.2A     Employee Electronic Mail 
  • E3.25     Vacation 
  • E3.12     New Employee Orientation 
  • E3.13     Introductory Probationary Period 
  • E3.14     Attendance 
  • E3.20     Timekeeping 
  • E3.21     Overtime (Hourly & Union Employee) 
  • E3.24     Holidays & Days Off 
  • E3.26     Sick Time 
  • E3.28     Family Medical Leave 
  • E3.30     Bereavement Leave 
  • E3.35     Harassment and Discrimination 
  • E3.39     Opposition to Workplace Violence 
  • E3.42     Personal Conduct 
  • E3.49     Tuition Exchange, Remission, and Credit with Graduate Information