Health Services

Health Services is a confidential, appointment-based clinic that is designed to manage acute episodic health problems and exaccerbation of chronic problems for full-time Stonehill College students. Our staff includes nurse practitioners, physician assistants, a part-time physician, an office manager, and a health educator/wellness coordinator. This team is dedicated to one objective:helping support the health and wellness of students. Students are seen and treated in Health Services for many acute illnesses and injuries. Students who are evaluated in Health Services and are in need of a higher level of care receive recommendations for accessing this care. Chronic illnesses may be managed in collaboration with the student’s primary care provider. Health Services offers medical care, treatment, information, and advice about many health issues that may develop for students during their college years.


Many questions concerning the scope and particulars of the Health Services offerings are answered here, but don't hesitate to contact Health Services with your questions about a health matter.